Why has the Bahraini regime rushed to open an embassy for the occupying entity in Manama

Double standards and international hypocrisy prevail in the world, thus nations do not hear the voice of the Bahraini people who reject and abhor normalization and support the righteous Palestinian cause.

The visit of the Zionist occupation Foreign Minister, Eli Cohen, to Bahrain at the beginning of this September has been met with massive popular anger by all segments of Bahraini society.

Bahrain’s top religious authority, Ayatollah Issa Qassim, has called on Manama to sever ties with the occupation, stating, “The normalization by the ruling political regime in Bahrain with the Zionist enemy is a violation of the sovereignty of the people who completely reject this normalization.”

Moreover, the Bahraini National Initiative Against Normalization, which groups 25 NGOs, has strongly condemned the “provocative” visit, warning that such visits are intended to detach Bahrain from its natural position of support for the Palestinian people – a policy widely rejected by the Bahraini public. The umbrella group also accused the occupation of seeking “aggressive, immoral, and inhumane alliances” that are detrimental to all Arabs, including the Palestinian and Bahraini people.

The only goal of the visit has not only been to open an embassy but also to conclude a series of trade, economic, and other agreements, in line with the US-brokered normalization agreement announced 3 years ago, which has been met ever since with bitter condemnation on the streets of Bahrain. Back then, Sheikh Qassim described the deal as “an omen of a terrible evil for religion and the nation.”

The timing of Cohen’s visit is very suspicious, especially in light of the tense internal crises that the occupation is suffering from and the amped-up resistance in the West Bank, as well as in light of the political blockage that Bahrain is suffering from and a recurring economic crisis due to the worsening negative effects of political naturalization and the spread of corruption, nepotism, and other dilemmas in the tiny island.

Despite heavy security measures, Bahrainis protested on the third anniversary of the signing of the “Abraham Accords”, holding a “Bahrain is Palestine’s voice” banner, while they trampled the occupation flag.

Undoubtedly, double standards and international hypocrisy prevail in the world, thus nations do not hear the voice of the Bahraini people who reject and abhor normalization and support the righteous Palestinian cause – especially three years after the so-called “Abraham Accords” and after the regime closed all outlets for expressing opinion, confiscated it, and criminalized it, noting the parliament’s marginal and weak role, as it does not serve any of their affairs or interests. Rather, it tries in vain to give legitimacy to the illegal normalization with the temporary usurping entity.

Indeed, if the current parliament were a true representative of the people, it would criminalize normalization with the occupation, not to mention the fact that most of the Bahraini people’s political and spiritual leaders are arbitrarily placed in prisons and exile, and if they were destined to take action, they would mobilize the people in various fields against this crime. However, the oppressive regime has recently tightened its security grip in retaliation against anyone who dares to expose its abuses and treasonous practices.

The shameful stab in the side of the Palestinian people is nothing but an expression of the regime’s shameful moral decline, as its main concern is gaining “spoils” and privileges and ensuring the longevity of its colonial thrown, despite the fact that reality proves that the occupation alone has the greatest share of the expected gains from the agreements concluded, in line with the doctrine of what is called “Greater Israel” and its malicious hegemonic and expansionist goals.

History has proven that normalization did not benefit Jordan, Egypt, or Sudan, which are mired in crises and harm year after year, not to mention the losses Kurdistan suffers if its oil is sold at a low price. It also did not benefit some Palestinian factions that were deceived by the alleged Zionist claims of peace and harmony and then paid a heavy price and still do. A rational person knows that the agreements concluded and the cooperation announced will not bring any profit or gain but rather will only strengthen the influence of the enemy and those behind Washington and the arrogant West.

It is expected that the occupation will help the Al Khalifa regime to suppress the people, spy on them, and torture them in prisons, thus deepening the existing political and human rights crisis; a regime that seeks to transform Bahrain into another Palestine by turning the country – day after day and in a “vulgar” diplomatic manner – into an intelligence platform that threatens the security of the people of Bahrain and the peoples of the region, with open American and Western support.

All the hypocritical empty slogans regarding Palestine have fallen. The only constant is the choice to resist, even with bare chests. Today, the people of Palestine are creating their own honorable history in the face of the occupation. For their part, the West Asian peoples have demonstrated their awareness, faith, and connection to Palestine despite all the systematic injustice they suffer and the distortion of their authentic identity.


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