The Resistance Axis | Unmasking Imperialism Ep. 102

During today’s episode, we talk about the rising popularity of this anti-imperialist coalition, which includes the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Syrian Arab Republic, and resistance movements in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain.

We debunk imperialist and zionist propaganda about the Axis of Resistance, paying special attention to the ongoing regime change operation against Iran.

We also discuss the revolutionary political and theological roots of this cross-border movement.

Today’s guest is Dr. Marwa Osman, a journalist and host of PressTV’s MidEaStream, a political show about west Asia. She is a political commentator and analyst on matters of politics, economy, and security in the region. Dr. Osman serves as Assistant Professor at the Lebanese International University as well as Al Maaref University in Beirut, Lebanon. She is also a proud mother of three daughters.

One thought on “The Resistance Axis | Unmasking Imperialism Ep. 102

  • michelle helps

    What an amazing woman!! Really enjoyed the discussion and thank you!


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