The Lion’s Den–MES EP. 181

Uday Al-Tamimi ended eleven days of Israeli stalking, in his own style. “Abu al-Saba,” which means “the brave one” as the people of Shuafat camp nicknamed him when they saw him in his first video operation, arrived on Wednesday night at the Ma’ale Adumim checkpoint on his feet. Uday pointed out his single pistol, he fired at three occupation soldiers who were guarding the checkpoint who then emptied their bullets at him. He jumped into the sky, trying to avoid it, then fell to the ground. He leaned on his hands, and continued shooting. Bullets penetrated his body. He switched the ammo mid clash, and kept shooting. Zionists drowned him with bullets.

The body that had exhausted an entire army, which had been searching for him throughout 264 hours of pursuit, finally calmed down and transcended to eternal peace.

To discuss this issue with us from Beirut is Dr. Denijal Jegic academic, political commentator.

Ansar Allah declared it plainly: Yemeni oil and gas cannot be allowed to go to Europe or any other country while the Yemeni people are suffering from a gas and oil crisis. Hence why Yemen’s Armed Forces announced on the 21st of October carrying out a “warning” drone strike on Al-Dabba port of Hadhramaut in order to prevent a Greek tanker, the Nissos Kea, from looting oil from the facility. The warning message came after addressing the authorities of that ship, and informing them of the decision based on Yemeni laws. The ship was then dealt with through cautionary measures, through which Ansarullah were keen to preserve the safety of its crew and the security of Yemen’s infrastructure while making sure that Yemeni oil stays in Yemen.

To discuss this issue with us from Beirut is Ali Mourad researcher, columnist and political commentator.

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