Hamas Returns to Syria–MES EP.176

Hamas resolved its political and strategic position by restoring its complete positive vision towards Damascus. In a statement, Hamas affirmed: “The movement will continue to build and development solid relations with the Syrian Arab Republic,” considering that this decision serves “the nation and its just causes, with the cause of Palestine at its core.”

A positive message from Hamas towards Syria, the leadership and people, in an important political statement at a sensitive stage…

What is the importance of timing? And how will the resumption of relations between Hamas and Damascus affect the strength of the axis of resistance in west Asia?

To discuss this issue with us from the occupied west Bank is Saleh Abu Ezzi, journalist and political commentator.

Hezbollah will not retreat from the timing it set to obtain the Israeli response, which must be translated into clear measures, nor will it retreat from implementing the Karish equation and beyond, if Israel tries to bypass it.

In Israeli circles, the possibility of a war between “Tel Aviv” and Lebanon prevails, and the reason, according to those circles, is that “Israel” has no interest in yielding to Hezbollah’s threats in the matter of the maritime dispute with Lebanon and conceding to Beirut in this file, because the consequences of this depend on the political status And the position of “Israel”, which may exceed the consequences of the confrontation, no matter how fierce the latter, and it will certainly be so, if it breaks out.

To discuss this issue with us from Beirut is retired Lebanese Army general Elias Farhat.

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