Why is Biden’s Iran Policy the Same as Trump’s?

Assal Rad, a Senior Research Fellow at NIAC (the National Iranian American Council) joins Rania Khalek Dispatches to discuss the ongoing suffering of Iranians from US sanctions, the return to the Iran nuclear deal, and how little has actually changed under Biden as his team seems to escalate.


1:15 Has anything changed under Biden with regard to Iran?
5:21 Biden is using starvation sanctions as political leverage against Iran
11:13 How US sanctions crush average Iranians
19:39 Human rights hypocrisy
27:23 Media bias against Iran
36:06 Difficulty of operating in a sea of neocon and weapons industry funded think tanks
40:00 Hardliner vs reformist, Iranians are not a monolith
45:18 US decades of alienating Iran
47:13 Iran vs America’s role and interests in the region
53:19 Dealing with Iranian regime change trolls, from monarchists to MEK
1:02:27 What shaped Assal Rad’s political outlook?
1:06:28 What should Biden’s policy be?

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