‘The US Is A Predator’: Cuban Official on the Blockade & Cuba’s Anti-Imperialism

Breakthrough News was on the ground in Havana, Cuba where Rania Khalek spoke with Johana Tablada, General Deputy Director of US affairs at the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

They discussed the US blockade hampering the country’s development, how socialism makes Cuba’s survival possible, why Cuba has such a strong anti-imperialist foreign policy, how Cuba sees the recent left victories across Latin America, Cuba’s vaccine leadership, “Havana Syndrome,” how Cuba’s medical brigades connect to an internationalist foreign policy, its growing relationships with Iran & China, and more.

0:19 Biden’s policies on Cuba are Trump’s policies
4:11 How the US tries to divide Cuban society
10:33 Why does the US spend so much on demonizing Cuba?
21:50 Significance of left-wing victories in Latin America
27:31 Benefits of China’s Belt & Road Initiative for the region
30:32 Connection between Cuba’s medical missions & anti-imperialism
37:40 Cuba’s relationship w/ Africa
41:31 Cuba’s doctors are NOT victims of human trafficking
43:55 Cuba’s relationship w/ Iran
45:56 US allies in undermining Cuba
50:07 The world opposes the illegal blockade
54:26 How US sanctions on Venezuela hurt Cuba
59:23 Havana syndrome
1:09:37 Why Cuba defends the revolution despite the costs

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