Fake Rights Group Complains US Regime Change Propaganda is “Blocked” in Cuba

Oftentimes the vast network the US funds and directs to interfere in the internal affairs of nations around the globe is hidden in plain sight.

A Committee to Protect Journalism (CPJ) article about Huawei’s alleged role in “censoring” what it calls “independent news sites” reveals another tentacle of this network – citing by name “Cubanet.” CPJ fails to inform readers it is not independent at all but funded extensively by the US government through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

And the “research” CPJ cites is a product of the US State Department-funded Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).


Committee to Protect Journalism (CPJ) on Twitter:

CPJ – How China’s Huawei technology is being used to censor news halfway across the world”

National Endowment for Democracy – Cubanet search results:

China’s Surveillance State: A Global Project (report cited by CPJ based on Australian Strategic Policy Institute aka ASPI):

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