Israel Retreats In Lebanon–MES EP.119

In a dangerous development for the security scene in south Lebanon, Israeli warplanes launched two raids at dawn on Thursday August 5, on the Damascus area in the outskirts of the town of Mahmudiya (between the districts of Jezzine, Marjayoun and Nabatiyeh). The two raids targeted an uninhabited area. Israeli media claimed it was the area from which rockets were launched the day before targeting Kiryat Shmona settlement in occupied Palestine.  Although Israel placed the raid in the context of responding to rockets fired towards Palestine, yet the attack crosses the red lines established by the rules of engagement in south Lebanon since The end of the July war 2006.

To discuss this issue with us from Beirut is Radwan Mortada veteran journalist at Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper.

Israel was counting on the resistance’s failure to respond to its 1st raids since 2006. The Israeli assessment was based on its theory that Hezbollah is deterred as a result of various factors, most notably the stifling economic crisis in Lebanon, and the internal political conditions. However, the resistance surprised the enemy and fired dozens of missiles towards “open lands” near enemy positions in the occupied Shebaa Farms. Israel was again deterred. The highly complex equation is very simple at the same time, and the result is that the resistance has re-established its red lines: it is forbidden for the occupying army to attack Lebanese territory, and the enemy should not bet on the resistance’s preoccupation at home or on its deterrence.

We continue with Radwan Mortada veteran journalist at Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper.

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