Lebanon’s Plight—and Syria’s

Robert Wright- I always enjoy getting @RaniaKhalek‘s emphatically non-MSM take on the Middle East. I learned a lot about Lebanon (where she was when we talked), and we also spent a lot of time on Syria.

0:00 Last year’s Beirut port explosion
7:20 The roots of Lebanon’s economic crisis
12:24 Sectarianism and the dueling narratives of the Lebanese civil war
25:00 Why did Hezbollah intervene in Syria?
37:06 Rania: US policy in Syria helped lead to the rise of ISIS
44:02 What if outside powers had stayed out of Syria?
48:24 The effect of US sanctions on Syria
1:00:46 How popular is Assad’s government?
1:07:03 Why Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia intervened in the conflict

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