Cyber-Attacks on the Rise–MES EP.166

In spite of Israel’s pursuit of superiority in the field of cyber power, its most secure firewalls were not enough to not stop it from being exposed to Iranian cyber-attacks. Despite the fact that Israeli companies occupy advanced ranks in the field of cyber technology, they still fear Iranian capabilities, and this fear is due to the recent cyber-attacks allegedly attributed to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

There is consequently real fear in Israel of any cyber-attack, preoccupying analysts, political commentators and military leaders in the occupation entity, especially amid the escalation of the Israeli and Iranian mutual threats in light of Israel’s cyber-attacks that aimed to disrupt Iran’s nuclear facilities.

To discuss this issue with us from Beirut in Hadi Chatila Founder of IBreatheMedia

The leader of the “Ansarullah” Yemeni resistance, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, announced that as his country enters its eighth year of confronting the US-Saudi aggression, “the production of various missiles is continuous and advanced, and it is, day after day, more accurate and more destructive”.

Al-Houthi declared that Yemen manufactures long-range ballistic missiles that reach any point in the countries taking part in the coalition of aggression.

To discuss this issue with us from Sydney is Jay Tharapell, political commentator

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