New names old policies?

Anthony Blinken should become the new Secretary of State in the Biden Administration while Jake Sullivan should take the important job of National Security Adviser.

Both choices offer a huge sense of relief compared from the people we have been watching in their respective jobs during Trump Administration.

Blinken’s and Sullivan’s positions on foreign policy present some controversial elements related to their role in previous mistaken decisions America has taken in the last twenty years.

However, for the time being, we should judge them for what they will do rather for what they did in the past.

Of course, if they should continue to stick to American exceptionalism, and China and Russia seen only as as threats and de-contextualized them from the policies the US adopted in the last ten/twenty years, we could end up in another huge missed opportunity to put back in track an effective model of multilateral cooperation to promote peace and cooperation around the world. Let’s wait and see.

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