US-Funded Thai Protests: Anon Nampa & Thai Lawyers for Human Rights

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) is involved in virtually every aspect of Thailand’s ongoing anti-government protests – it is also funded entirely by foreign governments – especially the United States.


US NED Thailand Funding 2014 (WaybackMachine):
US NED Thailand Funding 2019:
UCL official website:
Frontline Defenders – Anon Nampa:,coup%20of%2022%20May%202014.
Reuters – The bookish Thai rights lawyer who challenged the king:
Bangkok Post – The lawyer preparing to defend herself:
Prachatai – Interview with Head of Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, on receiving human rights award from French Embassy:
US Embassy & Consulate in Thailand – 2018 International Women of Courage Award:
Benar News (NED-funded) – Thai Lawyer Receives Woman of Courage Honor from US State Department:
The Nation Thailand – US Embassy dismisses claims it supports protesters:
LandDestroyer – Thai Protest Leader Anon Nampa Lies About US Funding:

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