Ethiopia Has Officially Had Enough Of Being Maliciously Smeared By The Golden Billion

This Global South leader won’t accept the US-led West’s Golden Billion continuing its disinformation-driven Hybrid War assault against it. Every effort that Ethiopia has made in good faith to repair its relations with that New Cold War bloc has failed precisely because the latter expects that it submits to their demands.

Ethiopia’s Government Communication Service tweeted a hard-hitting statement on Friday condemning unnamed Western organizations and states for extending credence to false allegations that federal forces have carried out so-called “atrocities” in the Tigray Region. They acknowledged that some might have unwittingly been duped by this disinformation, but they also were clear about the fact that others are spewing these baseless claims for malicious reasons intended to pressure and defame their country.

The jointly US- and Egyptian-led Hybrid War of Terror on Ethiopia has always relied on fake news in order to “justify” the aggressors’ unconventional attacks and those of their terrorist-designated TPLF proxies. Up until this point, Ethiopia exercised extreme patience in calmly reacting to each ridiculous information warfare assault against it, but everything’s now in the process of changing after its Government Communication Service showed that this victimized state has finally had enough.

According to them, “The Government of Ethiopia is thus forced to weigh its options and consider its relations with some states and entities that are making unsubstantiated and politically motivated accusations of such gravity against the country. It cannot continue to tolerate such extreme slander unanswered.” This is a major statement which shows that one of Africa’s most influential multipolar leaders, which by extent makes it among the most influential in the Global South, is rising up.

Just like it’s always historically done with respect to pioneering anti-imperialist and Pan-African causes across the continent, Ethiopia is once again paving the path for other countries to follow. This Global South leader won’t accept the US-led West’s Golden Billion continuing its disinformation-driven Hybrid War assault against it. Every effort that Ethiopia has made in good faith to repair its relations with that New Cold War bloc has failed precisely because the latter expects that it submits to their demands.

Unlike Russia which respects every society and state’s UN-enshrined sovereign right to manage their affairs however they deem fit, the US and its vassals don’t acknowledge this selfsame right and instead seek to impose their own models upon everyone else for ideological and self-interested reasons. Their implied intent to carry out a so-called “civilizing mission” is bigoted, colonialist, fascist, hegemonic, and imperialist, which is why it’s rejected by all self-respecting states and societies.

It was precisely because Ethiopia under the leadership of its visionary Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed refused to take the US’ side in its worldwide competition against China that America ruthlessly decided to punish this leading African country in order to set an example for deterring all others. The resultant Hybrid War of Terror that this declining unipolar hegemon has since waged against Ethiopia in partnership with Egypt and other vassals is therefore a neo-imperial campaign to enslave that state.

By attempting to coerce it into unilaterally conceding on its objective national interests, these aggressor states and their proxy organizations (including those that masquerade as so-called “NGOs” as well as “fellow travelers” like WHO chief Tedros who’ve infiltrated the UN) are violating Ethiopia’s rights. This therefore makes that state and its society’s struggle an anti-imperialist one being fought to ensure their historically cosmopolitan civilization’s freedom to manage its affairs however it deems fit.

Having acknowledged this objectively existing reality, it’s therefore understandable why Ethiopia has finally had enough of being maliciously smeared by the Golden Billion and is thus preparing to take retaliatory informational and political action in defense of its sovereignty. Evidently, its leadership finally concluded that their goodwill gestures that were always carried out in good faith with the expectation of being respectfully reciprocated won’t ever obtain their desired outcome of stopping this Hybrid War.

For these reasons, it makes perfect sense why Ethiopia is preparing to fight back through informational and political means in order to defend its sovereignty, the integrity of its people, and their country’s reputation. If the Golden Billion doesn’t immediately cease its unprovoked aggression against this African leader, then it can expect Ethiopia to resolutely expose that bloc’s neo-imperialist plots like never before and thus inspire the rest of the continent’s people to peacefully rise up as well.

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