The #NoMore Movement Is Revolutionizing The Global Activist Community

Through leaps and bounds, the #NoMore movement is taking the world by storm. It’s focused on the principled mission of opposing neo-imperialism in all its manifestations so as to support all those who’ve been victimized by this across the world while remaining decentralized enough to flexibly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

The US-led West’s Hybrid War on Ethiopia will go down in history as perhaps the most counterproductive act of aggression that America ever committed against another country. That’s because it’s directly responsible for inspiring Ethiopian activists to assemble the #NoMore movement that’s revolutionizing the global activist community. Modern-day advances in information-communication technology such as the popularity of social media platforms like Twitter have perfectly paired with the world’s unprecedented disgust of American meddling to create a movement unlike any other.

What began in Ethiopia and among its diaspora has spread throughout the Horn of Africa, the rest of that continent more broadly, and increasingly the rest of the world to create an increasingly influential network for opposing all manifestations of neo-imperialism. The global masses have long been awakened but hadn’t yet united behind a common cause, having hitherto been focused mostly on one or another particular issue instead of tackling the root of all these problems. The #NoMore movement is changing all of that by bringing everyone together behind an easily understandable slogan that encapsulates the contemporary zeitgeist and powerfully contradicts the Mainstream Media narrative.

#NoMore is flexible enough to be applied to any act of aggression and neo-imperialism, particularly those most egregious ones whereby America openly takes a partisan side in another country’s internal dispute. The proactive efforts that the movement’s Ethiopian initiators have undertaken resulted in their movement gaining global traction at precisely the time when the global masses are yearning for such a peaceful activist network the most. #NoMore is more than just about Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa, and even Africa itself since it represents a renaissance in political awareness among the billions across the world who’ve been sleeping or haven’t yet fully awakened since the Old Cold War.

Back then, the world was divided between the capitalist and communist blocs, the latter of which was split between the erstwhile Soviet Union and China. The brief period of America’s unipolar hegemony since the end of the Old Cold War drew to a close approximately sometime in the last decade or since 2008 at the earliest according to most assessments, which in turn led to International Relations beginning its inevitable and irreversible transition towards the emerging Multipolar World Order. This new paradigm envisions a return to the UN Charter’s legitimate rules-based order whereby all nations are treated as equal and sovereign states instead of divided into a US-decided hierarchy.

Russia and China are the Great Power engines for accelerating this transition but they’re not alone since a growing number of countries share their multipolar vision for International Relations. Ethiopia is among them, as are the African masses and their peers all across the rest of the Global South. In fact, many Westerners themselves have also realized how counterproductive it is for their countries to desperately cling to the outdated US-enforced unipolar model, especially through the militant, subversive, and thus ultimately destructive means that America has regrettably become known for. The time is right for these forces to unite behind the #NoMore movement to catalyze tangible change.

Everyone is doing their part by raising further awareness of multiple interconnected issues that are pivotal for enhancing the global masses’ consciousness of contemporary affairs. These include the countless crimes attributed to neo-imperialist meddling and falsely justified by the Mainstream Media’s warmongering lies as well as people’s decisive opposition to these policies. Folks are quickly realizing that they’re not alone after networking with their like-minded peers through the #NoMore movement, which is always there to support the victims of Hybrid War aggression. This further emboldens folks to do their part to contribute to this collective effort for revolutionizing the global activist community.

The #NoMore movement isn’t just a hashtag campaign either, though that role is also extremely important since it helps organize online activist efforts about a myriad number of countries and causes, but is also an in-person peaceful protest movement too. This was evidenced by the global rallies held in dozens of countries late last year in support of the democratically elected and legitimate Ethiopian government’s anti-terrorist war against the US-led West’s TPLF proxies. The demonstrations in that country’s capital of Addis Ababa were especially significant since they completely debunked the Western Mainstream Media’s fake news campaign alleging that the city was “under siege”.

Through leaps and bounds, the #NoMore movement is taking the world by storm. It’s focused on the principled mission of opposing neo-imperialism in all its manifestations so as to support all those who’ve been victimized by this across the world while remaining decentralized enough to flexibly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. This movement embodies cutting-edge networking tactics and peaceful protest strategies to make a meaningful difference in the global discourse. There’s never been anything like this since the protests against the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, but even those lacked the connectivity among global activists that the #NoMore movement has due to technological limitations at the time.

Social media unleashed the global masses’ activist and protest potential, which was just waiting for the right cause to rally behind. There’s poetic justice in Ethiopians being responsible for this revolution in global activism since their country has historically been the continent’s anti-imperialist and pan-African leader, to say nothing of them and their fellow Africans also having been victimized more than anyone else in history due to the West’s hegemonic agenda against them across the last half-millennium. It’s in Africa where imperialism started and it’ll be in Africa where it ends. The continent’s contribution to the emerging Multipolar World Order is therefore unprecedented and will greatly help the whole world.

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