Analyzing US Special Envoy For The Horn Of Africa Feltman’s Threats Against Ethiopia

Feltman didn’t come to Ethiopia to mediate peace, he came to deliver an ultimatum threatening a 20-year proxy war if his hosts don’t immediately surrender.

US Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Jeffrey Feltman released an extended and very manipulative statement ahead of his visit to the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. This American official intended to set the narrative that his country’s Mainstream Media (MSM) proxies should follow for intensifying their information warfare against that country. The US’ Hybrid War on Ethiopia threatens to get worse since there aren’t any signs that this victimized state will bend to the aggressor’s pressure as hinted at in Feltman’s statement. It’s therefore worthwhile to analyze exactly what he said in order to expose the means through which his country is expected to intensify its Hybrid War campaign. What comes next is a collection of quotes from Feltman’s statement followed by an analytical interpretation of each excerpt.

The Criminal Predictably Feigns Innocence Once He’s Caught

* “Having spent time in the Horn during my UN career, I knew the strategic importance of the Horn’s geography, demographics, politics, and security: importance not only in Africa but across the Red Sea and beyond. But had that same prescient person back in 2015 asked me to envision what my primary concerns would be in 2021 as Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, I would have guessed that Somalia, still troubled today, would top the list. I would never have imagined Ethiopia – an exporter of stability via peacekeeping and a longstanding, important partner of the United States – to be consuming the bulk of my time and my conversations with Secretary Blinken and the White House.”

– Feltman is falsely making it seem like he and his country have nothing to do with the Hybrid War on Ethiopia. This is intended to misportray themselves as “innocent” against the growing mountain of credible claims related to their leading involvement in this ongoing regime change campaign being waged through terrorist means by the TPLF and its allies. He’s trying to come off as a friend even though he’s an enemy. In fact, considering his high-level position in the US government, he’s likely orchestrating this campaign to a large extent.

The Envoy’s Counterproductive Puppet Innuendo Discredits His Envisioned Mediation Role

* “At the start of my third month as United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, I represented Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Addis at the funeral of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, a man I had never met. To my embarrassment, you can still see on YouTube just how banal my words were. The UN, with its uneasy balancing act between the lofty principles of the Charter and the parochial interests of 193 member states and their leaders, does not habitually criticize deceased heads of state or government.

My remarks that day bypassed entirely the subject of human rights in emphasizing the Meles’ economic legacy. I had no idea that a ceremonial, representational appearance would, nearly a decade later, be fodder for misinformation on social media that the newly appointed U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa was somehow hopelessly partisan in favor of a man I never actually met. This distortion highlights the strong views that exist on Meles’ legacy on today’s Ethiopia. It is also a reminder that Ethiopia’s social media is, if nothing else, wondrously creative.”

– The US envoy wants Ethiopians to think that he secretly despised former TPLF leader Zenawi even though the video evidence strongly suggests otherwise and that he was indeed sincere with every single one of his words about that man and his legacy. There are two ironies that are blatantly obvious in this excerpt from Feltman’s statement. First, this present representative of the same country that supposedly preaches the “universal value” of “free speech” is dishonestly describing those who took his words at face value as having participated in spreading so-called “misinformation on social media”.

Although Feltman claims that he never met Zenawi, he still represented an organization comprised of countless officials who did. It’s disingenuous to attempt to deflect from the US’ strident support of the TPLF across the decades by implying that his own words on that man’s legacy that he offered while working in an official capacity at the UN weren’t sincere. Not only that, but this dishonest deflection attempt seamlessly segues into the second irony contained in this excerpt.

If one takes his recent words at face value, then it suggests that Feltman was behaving as a puppet by saying things that he was ordered to but which were meant to deceive the international community. Of course, no objective observer of US-Ethiopian relations should doubt Washington’s historic support for the TPLF, but going with this train of thought for a moment, it raises questions about this envoy’s credibility in the present if he hinted as a short-term narrative deflection tactic that he was formerly a UN puppet. This should discredit Feltman’s envisioned mediation role since he can’t be trusted.

Feltman Plants The Seeds For A Powerful Infowar Innuendo Attack Against PM Abiy

* “What I also recall about that first trip to Addis was the whispering — whispering in the Sheraton, whispering on the margins of the funeral events, whispering even in gardens outside; conscious efforts to place cell phones at considerable distance from conversations; fingers pointing to ears then ceilings to as a reminder that walls in Addis have ears. What, people were whispering, would happen to Ethiopia now? Ethiopians had endured some very dark days in their modern history. Whatever one thought of his domination of Ethiopian politics, in the wake of Meles’ death, the Ethiopians I met in September 2012 were contemplating their uncertain future with foreboding.”

– Upon one’s first review of his statement, this excerpt seems to be an unnecessarily dramatic inclusion, but it’ll later on be revealed that it was meant to plant the seeds for a powerful infowar innuendo attack against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Feltman will return to this anecdote near the end of his speech to imply a comparison between the period of prevailing uncertainty about Ethiopia’s future following Zenawi’s passing and the present day when it comes to the future of PM Abiy’s government and Ethiopia more broadly. This will be commented upon more at the appropriate part of this analysis but is being brought up at the moment to draw attention to Feltman’s pernicious infowar tactics.

The US Won’t Succeed In Dividing & Ruling Eritrea & Ethiopia

* “We even hoped that the reconciliation Prime Minister Abiy promoted between Ethiopia and Eritrea might create a positive side effect of an improved Eritrean-U.S. relationship. That is what we desired. Washington supported the lifting of sanctions that had been imposed on Eritrea by the UN Security Council, in hopes of turning a new page. Unfortunately, Eritrea did not reciprocate and continues to this day to play a destructive, destabilizing role in the region, including its deadly role inside Ethiopia. Few countries in the world have a worse human rights record than Eritrea.”

– The US wants to divide and rule Eritrea and Ethiopia as part of its larger Hybrid War against the Horn of Africa aimed at placing this geostrategic region under American hegemony. Feltman’s speech was supposed to be about US-Ethiopian relations, not US-Eritrean ones, but he exploited this pretext to rant about the latter. The purpose in doing so is to revive his country’s infowar narrative against that country which is primarily driven by “humanitarian imperialism”, ergo his irrelevant claim about the US’ stance towards Eritrea’s human rights record and its alleged role in the region.

Feltman Surprisingly Told The Truth About PM Abiy’s American-Friendly Intentions

* “The Prime Minister has assured me on several occasions of the importance he places on Ethiopian-U.S. ties and told me of his affectionate memories of his own time in, and connections with, the United States.”

– Credit should be given where it’s due, and Feltman told the truth about PM Abiy’s intentions to foster very friendly relations with the US. The problem, however, is that he included this in his statement for the wrong reasons in order to subsequently make it seem like the Ethiopian leader went rogue.

Blaming Trump Isn’t A Credible Excuse For Biden Continuing His Proxy War Policies

* “But starting in 2020, solidarity between our two governments started to crack. To Ethiopia’s understandable annoyance, the previous administration halted some U.S. assistance programs in the misguided belief that Ethiopia might then reconsider its rejection of a draft tripartite agreement tabled by the Trump Administration regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a symbol of national pride for all Ethiopians.”

– The Biden Administration always tries to blame former US President Trump for everything that’s going wrong in the world even though the former largely continued the latter’s proxy war policies in the New Cold War that it’s waging against China. Trump used the dam as a pretext for pressuring Ethiopia to curtail its ties with that superpower instead of continuing its pragmatic policy of balancing between that country and America. If the US was really against GERD, it would have taken aggressive action to stop its construction a decade ago instead of politicize the issue during the height of its tensions with China.

Don’t Believe The Biden Administration’s Supposedly “Peaceful” & “Pragmatic” Intentions

– “Soon after taking office, the Biden-Harris Administration recognized the urgent need for meaningful Egyptian-Ethiopian-Sudanese negotiations leading to a mutually acceptable agreement on the filling and operation of the GERD. To that end, the new administration quickly made clear that it rejected Trump Administration’s approach and disconnected any assistance considerations from the GERD. We believe that Egypt’s need for water security, Sudan’s safety concerns, and Ethiopia’s development goals can be reconciled through good faith negotiations on the GERD, and the United States will continue to be actively involved with all parties to that end.”

– Feltman is once against twisting the truth. Although the US superficially claims to have “peaceful” and “pragmatic” intentions when it comes to GERD, it’s actually meddling in an issue that’s none of its business and is trying to disguise this fact through unconvincing neutral-sounding rhetoric. The reality is that the Biden Administration intensified its predecessor’s then-incipient Hybrid War on Ethiopia by taking it to the present extreme. This disproves the claims that the US has “peaceful” and “pragmatic” intentions. To the contrary, the Biden Administration comprehensively escalated Trump’s pressure campaign against Ethiopia, which serves as clear evidence of strategic continuity.

Feltman Tacitly Threatens To “Balkanize” Ethiopia If It Doesn’t Treat The TPLF As An Equal

* “At the same time, the incoming Administration was alarmed by the growing crisis in Ethiopia’s northern state of Tigray and worried it would have disastrous consequences for the stability and people of Ethiopia. The Biden-Harris transition team called for the Ethiopian authorities and Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (or TPLF) and to “take urgent steps to end the conflict, enable humanitarian access, and protect civilians.”

Since taking office, the Administration has consistently sought to engage the Government of Ethiopia and encourage a different path. As true partners should, we’ve tried to be candid in sharing our best advice, namely: this military conflict, if it continues, will have disastrous consequences for Ethiopia’s unity, territorial integrity, and stability – and Ethiopia’s relations with the United States and international community. We’ve repeatedly offered to help Ethiopia’s leaders pursue a different path.”

– Feltman is making it seem like the conflict came out of nowhere and that his country has a neutral position towards pertinent developments. This false portrayal of reality is tacitly in support of the TPLF since that group started the war and is the only reason why it’s continued into the present day. By pressuring Ethiopia’s internationally recognized government to treat this terrorist-designated organization as an equal, the US is by default attempting to influence its internal affairs.

Ethiopia’s leaders have the sovereign right to pursue whichever path they so choose in the interests of their people per the electoral mandate that they recently received. Nevertheless, Feltman ominously hints at the potential punishment that his country might inflict against Ethiopia if it doesn’t comply with America’s demands to treat the TPLF as an equal when talking about the “disastrous consequences for [its] unity, territorial integrity, and stability”. In other words, “Balkanization” (formal partition).

The US’ Criticism Of The TPLF Means Nothing Without Tangible Action Against It

* “Some critics of U.S. policy claim the United States has an inherent bias toward the TPLF. This could not be farther from the truth. We have consistently condemned the TPLF’s expansion of the war outside of Tigray and continue to call on the TPLF to withdraw from Afar and Amhara.”

– As part of its efforts to deceive Ethiopians about its supposedly “peaceful” and “pragmatic” intentions, Feltman lied that there’s no truth to the claims that his country is biased towards the TPLF, which is debunked by the fact that the US never took tangible action against it.

Feltman Exposes Himself By Justifying The TPLF’s Invasions Of The Afar & Amhara Regions

* “That expansion of the war, however, is as predictable as it is unacceptable given that the Ethiopian government began cutting off humanitarian relief and access to Tigray in June, which continues to this day despite horrifying conditions of reported widespread famine and near-famine conditions that have shocked the world: In Tigray, 90 percent of the population requires aid, and up to 900,000 people are facing famine-like conditions. This is happening in a country that has the expertise and experience to address famine, if the will were there.”

– Feltman shamelessly justified the TPLF’s invasions of the Afar and Amhara Regions literally one sentence after claiming that “[it] could not be further from the truth” to say that “the United States has an inherent bias towards the TPLF”. He referred to the discredited claims that the government was weaponizing aid to the Tigray Region as a collective punishment against its people. The envoy’s devious intentions are made clear by his innuendo that there wouldn’t be any famine to begin with “if the will were there” by the government to prevent it. This is “humanitarian imperialism” par excellence.

Ethiopia’s Pro-Sovereignty Moves Against Corrupt UN Meddling Are Misportrayed As “Genocide”

* “The government’s unprecedented expulsion of key UN officials—more UN humanitarian staff expelled in a single day by the Ethiopian government than Bashar al-Assad’s regime has expelled in 10 years of war in Syria— and the investigation and, in some cases, closure of internationally renowned humanitarian organizations further erodes the ability of the international community to reach those in need, not only in Tigray but also those victims of the TPLF incursions in Afar and Amhara we are committed to help. This unfortunately suggests an intentional effort by the authorities to deprive Ethiopians who are suffering of receiving life-saving assistance.”

– Ethiopia has every right under international law to expel foreign officials like it recent did when it came to corrupt UN ones that were meddling in its internal affairs. Instead of acknowledging this crucial foundation of the “rules-based order” that his country has recently become so fond of preaching to the world about, Feltman misportrays it as advancing the false “genocide” narrative when saying that “This unfortunately suggests an intentional effort by the authorities to deprive Ethiopians who are suffering of receiving life-saving assistance.” To cite his own earlier words, “This could not be further from the truth”, yet he’s shamelessly lying in order to advance his country’s infowar against Ethiopia.

False “Mass Starvation” Claims Are Meant To Promote “Humanitarian Imperialism”

* “The humanitarian conditions in Tigray are unacceptable. No government can tolerate an armed insurgency — we get that. But no government should be adopting policies or allowing practices that result in mass starvation of its own citizens.”

– Feltman very clearly intended – or perhaps was ordered – to advance his country’s “humanitarian imperialism” agenda against Ethiopia as evidenced by his false claims that the government is purposely carrying out the “mass starvation of its own citizens.” This lie forms the basis of the US’ infowar.

America’s Implied Message Is “No More Business As Usual Until The TPLF Returns To Power”

* “As the war approaches its one-year anniversary, the United States and others cannot continue “business as usual” relations with the Government of Ethiopia. The extraordinary partnership we have enjoyed is not sustainable while the military conflict continues to expand, threatening the stability and unity of one of Africa’s most influential countries and the fundamental well-being of its people.”

– Feltman was surprisingly truthful in this respect because it’s factually the case that his country “cannot continue ‘business as usual’” until the Ethiopian government capitulates to the US-backed TPLF’s political demands. After all, the US is historically biased in support of that group as was earlier argued so it naturally follows that “business as usual” cannot continue until its allies return to power.

The US Spit In Ethiopia’s Face In Response To The Latter’s Friendly Outreaches

* “While Ethiopian officials have attempted to separate the conduct of the war from the Ethiopian-U.S. bilateral relationship, there is a direct, causal relationship between what is happening on the ground as a result of the policies of the Ethiopian government and the subsequent decisions that have been taken or are being contemplated by the U.S. Administration.”

– The US envoy basically admitted that his country spit in Ethiopia’s face by interfering in its internal affairs through political and economic means in response to that country’s consistently friendly outreaches of wanting to retain its historically excellent relations with America despite the ongoing conflict. There’s no reason not to separate bilateral ties and the war. Doing otherwise is meddling.

Feltman Reaffirms The US’ “Humanitarian Imperialism”

* “The unfortunate deterioration in our relationship derives from the atrocities of the conflict in northern Ethiopia and the reports of the use of food as a weapon of war, which as UN Security Council Resolution 2417 reiterates, may constitute a war crime. We are reacting to behavior no person of conscience can accept and in manner which should come as no surprise to any party to the conflict.”

– Once again, Feltman reaffirmed that “humanitarian imperialism” is the basis upon which the US is waging its Hybrid War against Ethiopia by claiming that all of its meddling is an unsurprising and conscionable response to implied genocide and war crimes. This is historical revisionism, however, since it was the US-backed TPLF that started and continued the war as well as weaponized humanitarian aid.

It Isn’t A “False Assertion” To Claim That The US Wants Regime Change In Ethiopia

* “We’ve attempted to maintain a frank and open dialogue with the government. Instead of responding to our concerns and our offer to support mediation of the conflict, many in the government falsely assert that the United States seeks to replace the Abiy government with another TPLF-dominated regime. This is just not true. We know full well and respect the view of the overwhelming majority of the Ethiopian public who oppose a return to Meles-style rule.”

– The information warfare component of the US’ Hybrid War on Ethiopia relies heavily on gaslighting by claiming that its critics are crazy and/or accusing them of exactly what the US itself is actually doing. This is once again evidenced by Feltman trying to discredit claims that his country wants regime change in Ethiopia as supposedly being “false assertions”. He also contradicted himself since his earlier cited eulogy of Zenawi very strongly suggested that he fully supported all of the former TPLF leader’s policies.

Feltman Once Again Implies His Preference For The TPLF’s Return To Power

* “The United States seeks a relationship with all people in Ethiopia; we want to see stability and prosperity restored to the entire country and for Ethiopia to regain its position as a regional and global leader. Such an outcome requires Ethiopia’s leaders to put down their guns and find a formula for peaceful co-existence.”

– Recalling his eulogy of Zenawi, it can rightly be interpreted that Feltman implied his preference for the TPLF’s return to when talking about his desire to see Ethiopia “regain its position as a regional and global leader.” After all, that’s precisely the role that he said that former TPLF leader had achieved for that country, which he implies will return once the group itself returns to power.

The US Envoy Inadvertently Acknowledged That Ethiopia Has A Popular Mandate To Wage War

* “We had hoped that recent political events inside Ethiopia would have led the Prime Minister to pivot from war to peace. Elections in June and September produced a super parliamentary majority for the Prime Minister’s Prosperity Party.”

– Feltman inadvertently acknowledged that PM Abiy has a popular mandate to wage war. This represents the genuine desire of the Ethiopian people to neutralize the US-backed TPLF-led terrorist threat to their country. Peace will inevitably follow the TPLF and its allies’ defeat.

It’s The TPLF, Not PM Abiy’s Government, That’s Exploiting Long-Standing Ethnic Grievances

* “The Prime Minister now has the power and the opportunity to embrace peace. Instead, we see the situation getting worse, not better. The government has exploited long-standing ethnic grievances with divisive rhetoric. It has launched a bombing campaign while using drones from questionable sources, including reportedly from U.S. adversaries, and promoted mass mobilization of militia, doing grave damage to Ethiopia’s security institutions.”

– As the reader has likely already realized by now, Feltman is shameless when it comes the lies that he spews in his extensive statement about Ethiopia. Among the ones that takes the cake, however, is his claim that PM Abiy’s government is the one exploiting long-standing ethnic grievances, which is actually what the TPLF has traditionally done and continues to do. Furthermore, Feltman is trying to discredit Ethiopia’s right to have non-US arms partners and mobilize local militias against terrorist threats.

Feltman’s Earlier Infowar Seeds Finally Grow Into A Powerful Infowar Innuendo Attack

* “The situation on the ground today is even more alarming than it was a few months ago. And that whispering phenomenon in Addis that I found so indicative back on the margins of Meles’ funeral in 2012? It’s back. That democratic opening that was so inspiring when Abiy Ahmed became prime minister appears to be another victim of the war.”

– As was earlier mentioned, Feltman’s infowar seeds finally grew into a powerful infowar innuendo attack comparing PM Abiy to the almost universally despised Zenawi. This is meant to manipulate the international community into thinking that the incumbent leader is equally hated at the grassroots level, which in turn is intended to secure their support for the US-backed TPLF-led regime change against him.

Feltman Tacitly Threatens A 20-Year Proxy War If Ethiopia Doesn’t Treat The TPLF As An Equal

* “Studies show the average modern civil war now lasts 20 years. I repeat: 20 years. A multi-decade civil war in Ethiopia would be disastrous for its future and its people. We urge the Government of Ethiopia to give peace a chance, to choose a different path and engage in dialogue without preconditions.”

– Not only did Feltman earlier convey a tacit threat to “Balkanize” Ethiopia if it doesn’t treat the TPLF as an equal, but since its planned counteroffensive could very well succeed, he’s now threatening that the US will commit to waging a 20-year proxy war against the country if it doesn’t fully submit right now.

“Bosnification” (Internal Partition) Is The US’ Alternative To “Balkanization” (Formal Partition)

* “Ethiopians can set an agenda for talks on issues, including internal border disputes and the role of the central government versus the federal states, that must be resolved peacefully and constitutionally rather than through violence.”

– Put another way, the US wants to internally partition Ethiopia via TPLF-led efforts to “Bosnify” this country along identity lines as an alternative to “Balkanizing” it via formal partition. The first-mentioned is quicker, less costly, and is more peaceful, thus making it preferred from the US’ perspective.

He Also Tacitly Threatens Ethiopia’s Isolation From The West If It Doesn’t Comply With US Demands

* “As I told a group of Ethiopian officials during a private retreat we hosted in June in Washington, the Ethiopian-U.S. relationship was then at a crossroads. I think the same is true for Ethiopia’s broader relations with an important cross-section of the international community. We could proceed down one path that would inevitably lead to sanctions and other measures, or we go down another path on which we could revitalize the positive, promising bilateral relationship that was expanding to new heights after Prime Minister Abiy took office. The United States wants the latter.”

– In other words, not only will the US punish Ethiopia by seeking its “Balkanization” via a threatened 20-year long proxy war if it doesn’t fully submit to American demands to treat the TPLF as an equal right now, but Feltman is also tacitly threatening to pressure his country’s Western vassals to isolate the Horn of Africa leader. Considering the “humanitarian imperialist” drivers behind this Hybrid War, it also can’t be discounted that the US will seek to assemble a Libyan-like “coalition of the willing” to attack Ethiopia under the manipulative “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) pretext as part of its “other measures”.

Furthermore, Feltman Tacitly Admits That The US Is Leading Global Efforts Against Ethiopia

* “We are prepared to exercise leadership in the international community to energize the support needed for Ethiopia’s recovery from war and to realize the Prime Minister’s ambitious economic and job-creation agenda. That remains our desired destination. But I emphasized to the June delegation—as I have repeatedly conveyed to the Prime Minister and other senior officials before and since—Ethiopia, not the United States, is in the driver’s seat. Prolonging the war, dodging genuine negotiations to lead to de-escalation and a negotiated ceasefire, and refusing to allow unhindered humanitarian access to avert catastrophe are actions that are taking Ethiopia in a dangerous direction.”

– This excerpt can be interpreted as Feltman’s tacit admission that the US is leading global efforts against Ethiopia. That’s why he said that it’ll “exercise leadership in the international community to energize support for Ethiopia’s recovery from war” if only PM Abiy submits to his country’s demands to treat the almost universally despised and terrorist-designated TPLF as an equal. It’s that group, not the Ethiopian government, that’s “prolonging the war…and refusing to allow unhindered humanitarian access to avert catastrophe”. Like was earlier remarked regarding the gaslighting aspect of the US’ infowar against Ethiopia, Feltman is accusing the Ethiopian Government of doing exactly what the US-backed TPLF does.

The American Hybrid War On Ethiopia Might Intensify In Days, Not Weeks

* “Unfortunately, now, at the beginning of November, that crossroad I described in June is behind us. It’s not yet too late to retrace our steps toward the path not taken, but the change in direction must occur in days, not weeks. It requires the Ethiopian government to address concerns that we have been raising for months. (We are also insisting that the TPLF stop its military advance, refrain from threatening Addis, and prepare for talks. Eritrea must cease its destructive interference and withdraw its troops entirely from Ethiopia.)”

– Feltman’s tacitly implied threats to isolate Ethiopia from its Western partners throughout the course of a potentially 20-year proxy war aimed at “Balkanizing” that country might turn into action in days instead of weeks if the government doesn’t fully submit to US demands right now. In addition, he’s also once again trying to divide Eritrea and Ethiopia by making the former part of this issue even though he has no right to decide who the internationally recognized Ethiopian government requests military and other assistance from in its ongoing War on Terror. The US wants to make this the world’s next crisis.

The US’ Priority Is The Opposite Of Ethiopia’s “Unity And Integrity”

* “Our priority is the unity and integrity of the Ethiopian state and our commitment to the Ethiopian people.”

– The truth is the opposite: the US wants to “Bosnify” (internally partition) Ethiopia via the return of a TPLF-led government otherwise it threatened to “Balkanize” (formally partition) it as punishment.

Feltman Threatens That The Hybrid War Will Expand Nationwide If Ethiopia Doesn’t Soon Submit

“In closing, I want to note that my remarks have concentrated primarily on the war in northern Ethiopia, since the violence, humanitarian catastrophe, and atrocities in northern Ethiopia — Tigray, Amhara, Afar — are the issues prompting U.S. consideration of new measures, including sanctions under the new Executive Order and the question of AGOA eligibility. But we are also deeply concerned with violence and tensions elsewhere in Ethiopia.

If not addressed through dialogue and consensus, these problems can contribute to the deterioration of the integrity of the state. Ending the war in northern Ethiopia will allow government officials and others to concentrate on the processes necessary to address tensions elsewhere and to rebuild a national consensus on the country’s future that includes enduring protections of the rights of members of minority groups.”

– Keeping in mind insight that was shared earlier regarding the US’ complementary “Bosnification”/”Balkanization” plans for Ethiopia, this particular excerpt can be interpreted as Feltman threatening that the American Hybrid War against this diverse country will expand nationwide if it doesn’t soon submit. This is particularly important to keep in mind ahead of this analysis’ conclusion which will soon touch upon the next predicted phase of this campaign.

This US’ thuggish threats expose its external exacerbation of Ethiopia’s preexisting identity conflicts. Its envoy is already attempting to precondition the international community into expecting such a scenario in other parts of the country. All of this is intended to facilitate the TPLF’s efforts to encourage other terrorist groups to follow its lead with similarly implied American support as that group has already received. There’s no longer any doubt that the US wants “Bosnification” or “Balkanization” for Ethiopia.

The US Demands That Ethiopia Bow Down To It Or Face The Wrath Of A 20-Year-Long Hybrid War

* “Ending the war is the best path to a more stable, more prosperous country. And ending the war will also enable us to renew a more affirmative Ethiopian-U.S. bilateral relationship, a partnership that benefits both countries. We urge Ethiopian leaders- from all parties – to take the steps necessary to arrest the current trajectory and permit its peoples and its partners to restore the promise that Prime Minister Abiy so compellingly outlined at the start of his premiership.”

– Feltman’s final words mean the opposite of what they seem. He’s saying that peace isn’t possible unless Ethiopia immediately bows down to the US otherwise it’ll face the wrath of the 20-year-long Hybrid War that he threatened. Moreover, PM Abiy never wavered from his promise to restore Ethiopian unity. To the contrary, he’s actively advancing it with an unprecedented popular mandate as proven by the Prosperity Party’s parliamentary supermajority by continuing his War on Terror.


Ethiopia is unlikely to submit to the US, which is why Feltman issued his extended and manipulative statement which tacitly implied all sorts of terrible threats for that country’s future. It preceded the TPLF’s efforts to establish a nationwide front of similarly banned organizations in an attempt to “legitimize” their US-backed Hybrid War in the eyes of the international community. This is also meant to establish the basis upon which Ethiopia can be “Bosnified” or “Balkanized” in the event that this terrorist group wins the war. The TPLF is doing so at this particular point in time due to its American patron’s political-strategic advice. Feltman didn’t come to Ethiopia to mediate peace, he came to deliver an ultimatum threatening a 20-year proxy war if his hosts don’t immediately surrender.

6 thoughts on “Analyzing US Special Envoy For The Horn Of Africa Feltman’s Threats Against Ethiopia

  • Anteneh Daniel

    Thank you doing your research and telling the facts about Ethiopia’s current situation. Feltman is a neoclassicism representative, he and his goons will do whatever in the world to benefit US’s stance on the world. He is a lier and planning for a regime change in Ethiopia. Ethiopians voted Dr. Abiy and his party to lead the country for the next 5 years so why is US not respecting Ethiopians? Ethiopia will not bend to neocolonialism ever again after TPLF the terrorist organization ruled for 27 years and robbed, killed and tortured innocents. No more TPLF is allowed in Ethiopia. Thank you again!

  • Yilma Adamu

    Under these starkly obvious circumstances, it’s appropriate for the progressive world to upgrade its support for Ethiopia at the UN Security Council in more substantive ways. It is, after all, a big-power geopolitical infighting at the core of it.

  • ferenjtel

    Oh my – I never thought these western goons would go so far to prop up the satanic tplf. The west is at its lowest moral mark and clearly, it is time for liberalism and a free economy to go bust and to give way to the new order -China. Sorry for the process of history….

  • Rob Prince

    “Just what the doctor ordered” as we say. I was sitting here thinking of how I have to analyze Feltman’s double talk… and you have helped greatly deconstruct what are essentially his threatening remarks. Perhaps you can do a piece on Feltman’s destabilizing role in Lebanon and Syria to give even more meat to what he and his ilk are trying to do in Ethiopia. Best wishes.

  • Dawit h

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion but not to the facts. TPLF is the one that is hoodwinking Washington by claiming as a victim. We Ethiopians failed to debunk this claim including using food as a weapon, genocide, and other charges. If the Abiy government can not communicate and debunk TPLF disinformation, blaming the US for everything that is wrong in Ethiopia can not solve the problem.

    The US may be genuinely interested in bringing peace to the region. One will have a hard time thinking otherwise. Ethiopia has failed diplomatically and militarily to stand up to TPLF. Consequently, its bargaining power is diminishing.

    Hope very soon Ethiopia’s fortune in both areas will change, otherwise, the Abiy government is history.

  • Maryana

    Thank you so much for well explaining about Ethiopia current situation and what is the impact of USA when they involved in our issues. I don’t understand why they are not doing them on business they always get involved and destroy countries your toxics they need to live our country alone we don’t need them


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