Syria’s children go to bed hungry because the US Coalition is ensuring food insecurity

Syria’s children go to bed hungry as prices soar’ – FT article title.

From the FT article:

“Food prices in Syria have risen to their highest levels since conflict erupted nine years ago, putting more than half the country’s population at risk of hunger, aid workers and economists have warned.”


“Meanwhile, homegrown food production is at risk, as Syria’s farmers face rising costs for fertiliser, pesticides and fuel. While crop production rebounded last year, wheat production was still about half its prewar figure. The US Department of Agriculture projects that Syria’s wheat production in May will fall 6.25 per cent year on year.”


 “The Lebanese banking lockdown “killed all the economic activity in Syria”, said Mr Aita. “My concern is that the Syrian people are going to end in catastrophe.”

This twisted FT article does not once mention the US Coalition war on wheat in Syria, the torching of wheat and barley crops by the assorted terrorist and proxy contra gangs that are destroying Syria’s ability to maintain self-sufficiency.

FT does not investigate the Lebanese economic crisis nor does it admit that it was very likely orchestrated by the enemies of Syria to ensure a financial freefall that would irreperably damage the strongest allies of Palestine in the region and protect the security of the non-state of Israel.

FT does not mention the decades of economic sanctions that have been ramped up mercilessly by the US Coalition of sadistic terrorism. FT does not mention the humanitarian and agricultural blockade on Syria, enforced by the UNSC heads of state in violation of all human rights conventions worldwide.

FT does not mention the criminal, fraudulent, illegal Caesar Law, a bearing down of maximum pressure upon the Syrian people – FT does not mention any of the hybrid war tactics designed to starve the Syrian people into submission, under cover of Covid-19.

I am working on a series for Mint Press News, part one will be published next week – covering the US Coalition barbaric measures and collective punishment of the Syrian people under cover of an alleged “global pandemic”.

History repeats itself with depressing regularity – the world should sanction the US.


Syria’s children go to bed hungry because the US Coalition is ensuring food insecurity

2 thoughts on “Syria’s children go to bed hungry because the US Coalition is ensuring food insecurity

  • enochered

    No light is going to be shone onto this ongoing war crime until the reality of the Jews intent on stealing the Syrian oil reserves and much of the rest of the region, to instal Greater Israel. We have no governments in the West these days, so unless White people want responsibility for this crime hung around their necks, along with all the other crimes of the Zionists, it’s about time they forgot about BLM and took to the streets over a more serious threat to us all.

  • enochered

    This is more important than BLM and Covid-19 which has taken all News of events in the Middle East off the air.


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