Governments That Do Not Respect Truth Are Themselves Unworthy of Respect

Those who challenge official narratives always pay a price. I get called names. Julian Assange has paid the price of ten years imprisonment without trial or conviction. The US government’s illegal and corrupt persecution of Julian Assange reveals Washington as a government that values revenge more than the rule of law.

Every American has been shamed by the criminals in Washington. Every citizen of every country whose governments have not sanctioned Washington for its criminalization of truth-speaking has been shamed by their governments.

The obvious conclusion is that truth serves no government. Thus, no government will defend those who speak truth. Governments that do not respect truth are not worthy of respect.

In “A Man for all Seasons” Thomas More asks: “Would you have me set aside the law? And what will happen to us if I do?”

In its decade long persecution of Julian Assange the US government has set aside the law, thus revealing its total contempt for the rule of law. The law is no longer a shield of the people. It is a weapon of the government. Washington’s Persecution of Julian Assange Has Made Every American Unsafe.

Chris Hedges Makes the Case for Julian Assange Against Washington

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