US Troops in Iraq, Growing Conflict with Iran

Despite recent promises to withdraw US (combat) troops from Iraq and an apparent desire to return to the Iran Nuclear Deal – reading the “fine print” reveals the US has no intention of doing either and only seeks to appear to desire peace while at the same time ramping up further confrontation – specifically with Iran.

A careful look at the last 20 years of US foreign policy in the Middle East and relevant policy papers reveals the US has done this several times in the past and admittedly to convince the world Washington is “seeking peace” while in fact, planning for more aggression.

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RT – US agrees to withdraw ‘remaining combat troops’ from Iraq – reports:

RT – State Dept says US prepared to lift Iran sanctions, but warns of ‘long road ahead’ amid indirect talks to revive nuclear pact:

New Eastern Outlook – America’s Predictable Betrayal of the ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’:

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