Thai Patriots Build During Crisis, US-backed Mobs Burn…

I take a personal look at Thais working together to overcome the current health and economic crisis – while US-backed mobs come out into the streets – exploiting the crisis – to create violence, havoc, frustration, and panic.

Don Muang Airport’s Cargo Warehouse Number 04 now houses 1,800 beds as part of a temporary field hospital to keep panicked COVID-19 positive patients and look after them so they do not put pressure on hospitals and take up beds seriously sick or injured patients need.

All volunteers come to set up and regularly clean the facility which includes newly built bathroom facilities (built in just 5 days), an x-ray clinic, and other support facilities.

I spent the day volunteering side-by-side Thai patriots who were tired of the negativity from opposition media, fed up with the violent street protests – but instead of fighting negativity with negativity, decided to do something positive and constructive instead.


Information about Don Muang Airport, Bangkok Thailand:…

For information about why the US is backing mobs in Thailand:

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