Twitter Officially Teams Up with US-Funded Opposition in Thailand

Twitter, a US-based tech giant with an established track record of working with the US State Department to interfere in the political affairs of nations around the globe – is teaming up with US government-funded fronts in Thailand including iLaw and Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) – funded via the National Endowment for Democracy to assure Twitter users they are allowed to say whatever they want on Twitter and that Thailand’s laws do not apply.

This is another example of and a wake up call for Thailand of how a nation’s information space is essential to protect – is a target of foreign interference – and cannot be allowed to be monopolized by foreign-based social media networks.

English Translations of Tweets:

“Our mission is to provide public conversation and support the right to voice your opinions on Twitter while you respect our regulations and policies. We are proud to join hands with TLHR, iLaw and Lawyer Council in launching #ThereIsHelp regarding the right to free expression in Thailand.”

“We will protect you, if you follow our rules, but you don’t need to follow a nation’s law, we have lawyers for that.”


Twitter Thailand – Hashtag Announcements:

US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – Thailand 2014 (Thai Lawyers for Human Rights is listed near the bottom under “Union for Civil Liberty”):

Frontline Defenders – Anon Nampa:

SCMP – Meet Anon Nampa, the Thai lawyer who is one of the driving forces behind youth protests:

iLaw – About Us:

Bangkok Post – Protesters reiterate 3 key demands:

Nation – iLaw launches petition for charter rewrite:

LD (YouTube) – Twitter Supports US State Department’s “Milk Tea Alliance” with Emojis:

BBC – Milk Tea Alliance: Twitter creates emoji for pro-democracy activists:

Reuters – U.S. State Department speaks to Twitter over Iran:

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