Interview: Thai Academic Speaks up About Western Propaganda

Assistant Professor Dr. Arnond Sakworawich joined me for an interview about Western propaganda aimed at Thailand’s head of state – the King of Thailand.

We discuss the hypocritical nature of Western narratives and the modern-day imperial agenda that ultimately drives it – how the West seeks to attack institutions in Thailand that unify the Thai people to encourage the same sort of division and conflict that has ruined nations from South and Central America, and from North Africa to Central Asia and everywhere in between.


NIDA – Assistant Prof Dr. Arnond Sakworawich:

BBC – Chinese tourists arrested for Hitler salute in Germany:

BBC – Dutchman jailed for 30 days for ‘insulting’ the king:

The Guardian – Spanish rapper due to begin jail term vows to ‘disobey fascist state’:

The Irish Times – Irving jailed for Holocaust denial in Austria:

BBC – Germany’s ‘Nazi Grandma’ given jail term for Holocaust denial:

The Independent – ‘Nazi grandma’ who ‘went on the run to avoid jail’ for Holocaust denial has been caught in Germany:

Quartz – One of France’s most prominent far-right provocateurs is going to jail for denying the Holocaust:

DW – German neo-Nazi Horst Mahler released from prison:

Cornell University Legal Information Institute – 18 U.S. Code § 115.Influencing, impeding, or retaliating against a Federal official by threatening or injuring a family member:

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