Is C O V I D 19 Part of a Global Hybrid War Strategy? – Vanessa Beeley interview

An eclectic and informal interview with Jason Liosatos. We cover everything from Covid-19 to Syria and the dissolving left/right paradigm.

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  • Carlo

    This is little to do with the virus, it’s a tool to tip us into population reduction and zero carbon economies.

    Prior to this “Pandemic” we saw Extinction Rebellion protests that took place without any serious challenge by the police or government. In fact the police were often seen to be joining in. Unlike now, we are seeing carefully orchestrated protests that see conflict with police whipped up on social media.

    Extinction Rebellion did have a roll to play in preparing our mindset for what was to come.

    For many years scientists have been warning us about population growth.
    More lately it has been presented to us as climate change…… (Yes, I believe the climate is changing, however I believe climate change is a natural condition which has been augmented by environmental destruction through human activity).
    A warning about overpopulation came in a study carried out by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1972. The study explored the limits to growth using system dynamics theory and a computer model called “World3.
    It was commissioned by the Club of Rome. This is significant, the Club of Rome consists of current and former heads of state, UN bureaucrats, high-level politicians, government officials, diplomats, scientists, economists, and business leaders from around the globe.
    In 1972 the study showed that world population was comfortably within it’s limits and able to accommodate more growth. However….
    The same was not true when it was updated thirty years later.

    “The salient message from the LtG modelling was that continued growth in the global economy would lead to planetary limits being exceeded sometime in the 21st century, most likely resulting in the collapse of the population and economic system.”

    It begs the question that since the UN, business leaders and politicians etc (The Club of Rome) knew of these limits since 1972 and obviously suspected we were close to our limits long before then, why didn’t they make policies that would address it earlier instead of pushing and pushing for more growth?
    Let’s take a moment to look at population growth.

    Between 1900 and 2000 world population grew from 1.5 Billion to 6.1 Billion.
    Since 2000 it has grown to approx 7.76billion, that’s 27% in 20 years!!

    World population was anticipated to grow to around 10 Billion by 2050, that’s a 60% increase since the turn of this century. Clearly that rate of growth is not sustainable.

    Since industrial growth drives population growth, the simple logic seems to be that the reverse must be the solution. This “virus” appears to me to be the vehicle being used to deliberately crash the worlds economies and in turn reduce population.

    Crashing economies won’t affect the seriously wealthy and powerful. In fact it transfers more power and wealth to them, (The Club of Rome)… The poor however will experience this in a much different way, no jobs and as government financial support dwindles, no money to buy food. Food prices will rise as inflation sets in and the poor will become more desperate. Desperate actions will be met with brutal force..
    Lets look at the measures already being thrust upon us, clearly not because of the virus:
    · Contact tracing amounts to nothing more than State surveillance.
    · The wearing of face masks is the dehumanisation of the population.
    · Social distancing makes us wary of others, turning everyone into a potential enemy. Whereas the opposite is true. Contact with other human beings challenges our immune systems, that’s how acquired immunity has worked for millions of years. This will in the long-term undermine our immune systems.
    · Lockdown is house arrest and for some solitary confinement. It breaks down our social, family and religious connections and is detrimental to our mental health.
    · Immunity passports are a way of introducing compulsory Bio-metric Identity Cards.
    · New normal is a Global Totalitarian Dictatorship.

    We are being conditioned to accept “Immunity passports” in the hope a vaccine can be found for this Corona virus. Despite Chris Whitty Chief Medical officer saying most people will survive it.

    We need to bear in mind the only disease in humans that we’ve ever eradicated is smallpox. (We’ve eliminated polio from many areas of the world and the only cases that are around are vaccine-related cases).

    A vaccine may never be found for this Corona virus (Sars-Cov 2) but what will be put in place are the control measures above.

    The measures being promoted and legislated for now have nothing to do with looking after the interests of society, they are to control a planned reduction in the population and controling the remaining population.

    Back to the Club of Rome.
    A paper was published in May 2019 written by David Spratt and Ian Dunlop entitled. “Existential climate-related security risk: A scenario approach”…..
    David Spratt is a Research Director for Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration, Melbourne and co-author of Climate Code Red: The case for emergency action.

    Ian Dunlop is a member of the Club of Rome. Formerly an international oil, gas and coal industry executive. Chairman of the Australian Coal Association. Chief executive of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and chair of the Australian Greenhouse Office Experts Group on Emissions Trading 1998-2000.

    In his forword to the paper Admiral Chris Barrie, AC RAN Retied says:
    ”A doomsday future is not inevitable! But without immediate drastic action our prospects are poor. We must act collectively. We need strong, determined leadership in government, in business and in our communities to ensure a sustainable future for human kind. In particular, our intelligence and security services have a vital role to play, and a fiduciary responsibility, in accepting this existential climate threat, and the need for a fundamentally different approach to its risk management, as central to their considerations and their advice to government. The implications far outweigh conventional geopolitical threats.”

    “We need a social tipping point that flips our thinking before we reach a tipping point in the climate system.”
    This “Tipping point” I believe has been engineered by this phantom “Pandemic”.
    The document goes on to say:

    “To reduce or avoid such risks and to sustain human civilisation, it is essential to build a zero-emissions industrial system very quickly. This requires the global mobilisation of resources on an emergency basis, akin to a WARTIME LEVEL of RESPONSE.”

    This is where we find ourselves now, The Club of Rome are on a war like footing and we are not allowed to know the truth.
    We are their problem and they are dealing with us rather than giving us a choice to be part of the solution.
    What is happening now is a transfer of power to the New World Order, Western power will collapse. The surviving populace will be micromanaged and a small elite will continue their lavish lifestyles.
    There is a blueprint of the type of global society we will end up with is already up and running in China.
    Is this what we really want? The freedoms we lose now we may never get back….


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