The war in Ukraine is only a bloody pretext…

The war in Ukraine is only a bloody pretext, devised by Washington, to exclude Russia from all international organizations, weaken the European Union and, ultimately, preserve Anglo-American domination over the entire West. Don’t be fooled!

Summary transcript of video recorded 25 March 2022

I wish to talk to you not about the war in Ukraine, but about the New World Order that the United States is organizing right before your eyes – but without your realizing it – while this war in Ukraine is taking place. ‎

First of all, you should know that since mid-February, the media have been relaying a completely distorted view because they do not report all the facts, but only those messages that NATO wants to convey. Since mid-February we have all been “one-eyed”, only seeing half the picture and, consequently, we make the mistake of thinking that we can interpret it. ‎

The second thing you must bear in mind is that your emotions are being manipulated. Every day we are shown Ukrainians who suffer – indeed, it is horrible and we must help them, it is a human obligation to do so. But their suffering does not prove them right. Suffering and being right are two different things. ‎

With that said, let’s get down to the facts. ‎

This war did not start on 24 February with the Russian intervention, but several days earlier, on February 18, with the intervention of the United States, an intervention that no one has told you about. ‎

On 18 February, according to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) – it comprises 57 participating states; it was created during the cold war and all European states are members, as well as non-European states, such as the United States: no one questions its neutrality – although there had been no fighting in Ukraine, on 18 February fighting resumed between the Ukrainian provinces of Donbass and the rest of Donbass. ‎

The OSCE does not say that the Ukrainian army was responsible, but it could only be the Ukrainian army. The shelling of the Ukrainian population of Donbass began on 18 February. On 18 February, throughout the day, 1,400 shells rained down on the population … 1,400 shells! ‎

A war was started that day! And in a few hours, at most in the following 2 days, about 100,000 Ukrainians from Donbass fled from the front line. They withdrew to the interior of Donbass or crossed over into Russia. All Russia did was to respond to that attack.

But the attack didn’t end there. The Ukrainians acted like someone waving a red flag in front of a bull. The next day, on 19 February, at the Security Conference that brings together political leaders of NATO member countries every year in Munich, President Zelensky announced that he wanted to acquire the atomic bomb enabling him to threaten Russia. ‎

Seen from Moscow: Ukraine engages in war against Russia and announces that it is going to obtain the atomic bomb.

It was clear that there would be a Russian response. Russia had to protect its citizens and you should know that the civil war in Ukraine started in 2014… and it is a civil war we are talking about because Ukrainians are fighting other Ukrainians! And in the past 8 years that war has left, according to the Kiev government, at least 13,000 dead, at least 13,000 dead!… all civilians, in addition to a thousand soldiers, according to Kiev. ‎

According to the Russian government, which conducted an official investigation on the ground, the number of dead civilians is not 13,000 but 22,000! Whatever the case, the Donbass has been witness to a butchery that doesn’t seem to dismay anyone. ‎

Now back to what I was saying.

For the past 8 years, Russia has granted Russian citizenship to almost the entire population of the Ukrainian Donbass, who since childhood speaks Russian on a daily basis, a population that has now been prohibited by the Kiev government from speaking Russian in schools and administrations, although this was always authorized in the past. Therefore, on 24 February, the Moscow government stepped in to support this population militarily. ‎

But most important is to understand the context. ‎

Why did the United States arm Kiev to attack Donbass? ‎

It’s very simple. For ten years, the domination of the United States has been threatened by the rise of Russia and China. ‎

On Voltaire Network we have argued for a long time that the first military power is no longer the United States but Russia. ‎

This has been an absolutely irrefutable fact since 2018, but the United States refuses to admit it, despite the fact that, on the battlefield – mainly in Syria – it was demonstrable that the Russian army is tactically superior to the military forces sponsored by the United States. ‎

Their technologies cannot be compared. That of the United States dates back 30 years. It is completely obsolete. ‎

The Russians have completely revamped their army and replaced their personnel. The army they had inherited from the Soviet Union frankly consisted of … a gang of alcoholics. Today it is made up of young people, with very good training, with experience in real war situations, taking on jihadists … jihadist armies! In Syria. ‎

In economic terms, China has long surpassed the United States, which is now only a consumer, not a manufacturer. ‎

Feeling threatened, the United States has itself explained what it calls “the Thucydides trap”. Thucydides is an ancient Greek historian who described the confrontation between Sparta and Athens. Sparta dominated all of Greece, but Athens, which was inferior, began to develop an empire abroad, so that Athens had an economic influence that Sparta no longer had, and war between the two cities became inevitable. ‎

US political scientists have been telling us for ten years now that a war between the United States on one side and Russia and China on the other side was going to become inevitable. In the Pentagon there are even people who assert that this war should already have broken out and that it had been planned for 2015.

Over the past few years, the United States has positioned troops and weapons throughout central and eastern Europe. It has done so in violation, firstly, of the German reunification treaty and, secondly, of the Istanbul and Astana declarations adopted within the OSCE. ‎

Let’s fully understand! Russia is a huge country, with the largest land area in the world. To defend itself… Russia must be able to defend its borders, but it does not have enough troops for that. In that sense, it is a small town in a huge country. So to defend itself, Russia uses the scorched earth technique. If an invader penetrates her territory, Russia pulls back her population from the border as far as possible – inside her huge territory – and burns down her own cities so that the invader cannot subsist there. Therefore, the invaders have to take with them everything they need if they want to continue advancing. It is an impossible logistical challenge to solve. Napoleon and Hitler failed. ‎

To overcome this problem, the United States has been sending troops and weapons to Central and Eastern Europe. Russia responded:
“You cannot do that, in light of what you signed at the time of the German reunification. You have no right to extend NATO to the East.”

But the United States went ahead anyway… on several occasions. ‎

Russia does not dispute the right of Central and Eastern European countries to ally themselves with the United States. It is their prerogative. It is the right of each State. Russia doesn’t dispute it Ukraine either. ‎

What she challenges is Ukraine’s right to host US military bases. That is a completely different matter.

In a similar context, General Charles de Gaulle as President of France decided to remove NATO troops from French territory – there used to be American bases in France which are no longer there. But that did not prevent General de Gaulle from maintaining an alliance with the United States. France has always been a signatory to the North Atlantic Treaty. But she wasn’t always a member of NATO’s Integrated Military Command Structure. The French armed forces were not always under the command of an American general, as they are today. ‎

Let’s go back to what I was saying about Russia and China. ‎

Their culture is fundamentally different from the Anglo-Saxon culture. The Chinese, for example, explain that they do not want to compete with the United States. They are not interested in that! They are not ‎competing!‎

‎The Chinese say: “We want a relationship in which everyone wins (“win win”).”‎

That does not involve commercial competition, nor does it mean that each side, when signing a contract, will have a particular interest in that contract. Nothing of the sort! It is in reference to Chinese ‎history.‎

China is, above all, a country with a gigantic population … gigantic! The emperor of China was not in a position to know what were the concerns of certain groups of individuals at the opposite end of the country and left the administration of the territory in the hands of regional governors. ‎

This is how it still works in China! The government in Beijing is oblivious to what is happening in the different regions. There is considerable decentralization. No country is more decentralized than China!‎

But when the emperor issued a decree, he had to make sure that each of the regional governors would grasp the importance of what was at stake. Because if the governor considered that it was not relevant to his province, he would begin stop paying attention to other decrees, thus failing to recognize the authority of the emperor. Therefore, when the emperor decreed something which could not be applied in one or more provinces, he would grant something extra to the governor of that province so that he would continue to respect the imperial authority. ‎

I am explaining all this because what Russia and China want to create is a multipolar world, a world where there is no power that decides for the others, but where each power decides for itself. ‎

And what Washington wants to do is, on the contrary, preserve the predominance of the United States over the world so that it alone can decide and no one else. ‎

What is the United States doing in the midst of a conflict of its own making in Ukraine? ‎

It is dividing the world in two. It is ejecting Russia from all intergovernmental organizations. It will start with the World Trade Organization [WTO] and end with the United Nations Organization [UN]. Of course, the UN statutes do not allow this, but the United States does not care and will try through thick and thin to achieve its goal. ‎

That process began by explaining that trade with Russia had to end. Stopping trade with Russia! For example, [French car manufacturer] Renault has just decided to shut its factory in Moscow. ‎

But Renault had already closed down its factories in Iran, when it was pressured to do so, and it was an economic catastrophe, an economic catastrophe for Renault. But the United States couldn’t care less! What it wants is for the European Union to undergo an economic shock so that the European Union will be forced to accept US domination. ‎

Paul Wolfowitz had explained it very clearly 30 years ago, in 1991. That “Straussian” [disciple of the philosopher Leo Strauss], who later became the Pentagon’s number two official, explained that the true enemy of the United States – at that time Russia and China were not a big deal – was the European Union and that the European Union had to be prevented from becoming politically and economically independent. ‎

Over time, the European Union developed economically a little, but not much, while Russia and China expanded exponentially. So the United States now wants to erase the very existence of Russia – and very soon that of China – from our field of consciousness and downgrade the European Union. ‎

Just look at the consequences of all the economic and financial sanctions already adopted! They are not “against Russia”. They are directed against the European Union. ‎

The Moscow Stock Exchange closed on 25 February – the day following Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. It reopened yesterday, 24 March, and so now we know how the Russian economy reacted to these sanctions. What can be seen is that all foreign service activities collapsed, especially all Russian international banks. ‎

But production activities in Russia, on the contrary, developed! ‎

In other words, yesterday the Moscow Stock Exchange did not collapse. On the contrary! It was up by 4.5% [1]. That is no small thing!

The United States will not be satisfied with excluding Russia from international organizations. What it wants is to delete it from our minds! ‎

Notice. They expelled all the oligarchs who were staying on the French Riviera. What relationship did they have with Vladimir Putin, who hates them all? None! But they don’t want any Russian patrons on the beaches in the south of France. That’s all!‎

I am not defending those people. They don’t interest me in the least. But they are unconnected with what is happening. What they are doing to them is illegitimate. ‎

And it will not stop there. Then will come the suppression of all references to Russian culture in the West. Note that they are already banning Russian conductors … who had no ties whatsoever with the government! And might even be against what Vladimir Putin is doing! But that does not matter! And they are prevented from giving concerts. ‎

Leading universities in the United States have recently prohibited the study of Solzhenitsyn, [Russian writer] who was hailed as a hero against the Soviet Union. The same applies to the work of Dostoevsky, a writer of the Tsarist era!

An exclusively Western, new world order is being established. Above all, don’t be taken in! ‎

We have to remain human beings. We have to remain friends with the Russians and the Chinese. ‎

Don’t think that the Chinese are going to stand for it. They know very well that this begins with Russia now and that they will be next. ‎

Yesterday, at NATO, the request was made for Russia to be excluded from the WTO, the International Trade Organization. But already two days earlier, China had put its foot down, saying that nothing could justify it. ‎

The Chinese know that they themselves will be the target of Western imperialism after the Russians. History has already taught them the lesson and they will not allow that to happen again. ‎

So keep all the friends that you may have in Russia and China. ‎

See you soon. ‎

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