Certainly, Palestine will soon witness its liberation

Exclusive- Today, the Palestinians’ reliance on their resistance has strengthened, as it has managed to bypass the entire Zionist expectation despite the blockade & its difficult circumstances. 

After 7 decades of struggle, the Zionists have not yet understood the code of the Palestinian people, and their problem is that they see the world as they think and not as it really is. Today, the Palestinians’ reliance on their resistance has strengthened, as it has managed to bypass the entire Zionist expectation despite the blockade & its difficult circumstances. Besides, the exposure of the internal traitorous parties & their disgraceful path helped in clarifying the picture & sorting out the rules of resistance action.

Also, the Palestinian people today have lost their confidence in international institutions; they have also experienced how the Arab governments colluded to empower the occupation, and obliterate the Palestinian right, while Iran was the first to support it and enable its resistance, so it can no longer be bypassed or circumvented.  The Palestinian people regained the momentum of resistance and its legitimacy and have sensed the importance of the loyal regional supporters, from Beirut to Damascus, then Baghdad and Sana’a, etc. This development has helped reconcile what had been damaged by the so-called “Arab Spring,” especially at the level of sectarian tension. This has significantly contributed to the decline of faith in the Western option and the American one in particular to the bottom.

Likewise, the confidence of the resistance societies in its leadership, which adopts a strategic approach, has been strengthened, because the Palestinian cause is able at any moment to mobilise the nation & renew its resolve. This is what forced the opponents of the “axis of resistance” to return to the option of negotiation, after it became clear to them the futility and failure of American options and its inability to protect the security of its Zionist ally. The recent shift and the intertwining of the resistance fronts have highlighted that there are lofty values ​​governing these West Asians that can not be bypassed by any arrogant power especially the sacredness of Quds.

The convergence of these fronts means it is no longer possible to attack our people without the latter responding, and Sayyed Nasrallah has already warned them of the need to pack their belongings and leave the region. If they are sane, the opportunity is open for them to secure their lives & leave immediately. For its part, the joint room of the Palestinian resistance factions has repeatedly confirmed that it is in a state of permanent readiness and will not allow the occupation to attack its people.

The recent battles waged by the axis of resistance in West Asia have left significant repercussions on the temporary Zionist entity & showed its weakness internally and externally. Indeed, we are well aware that the strategic security of this artificial entity is based on a self-supporting and an international one. The resistance axis’ might have been advancing since May 2000, as it has strived to develop the rules of deterrence and refute the narrative that accompanied the occupation of Palestine as an invincible entity; today, its internal pillar has cracked, and it is difficult, if not to say impossible, to repair it amid the absence of a “wise” leadership.

This confirms the statement made by the Secretary-General of Hezbollah in 2000 that “Israel is weaker than a spider’s web.” Today, this conviction has become entrenched in the minds of the resistance societies as well as in the consciousness of the Zionist settlers and their elites. The occupier, known to be a functional entity, has failed to subjugate the indigenous people of the region. What is new is that what is happening in the occupied territories has revealed the lack of identification between the occupation & its Western operator especially in light of the crises that are afflicting these Western powers, and the successive failures of the American policies.

These Western countries are suffering too from fragmentation and the inability to commit to long-term policies, so how about Washington, which constitutes the external support of the Zionist entity, which is looking diligently and under the pressure of time and challenges it in how to regain the initiative globally. On the other hand, we have alternative Eastern powers that possess determination, sincerity, seriousness, political prudence, and readiness, such as Iran. Meanwhile, this temporary entity is concerned about its survival and this explains its so-called “normalisation” with the Persian Gulf monarchs as the occupation today is no longer able to impose its hegemony through military wars, nor to continue by the deceptive negotiation and the so-called two-state solution.

Hence, it is also no longer able to impose on the embattled West the option of :Deals” that the Trump administration adopted, which failed upon the fatal blow shown by the resistance during Operation “Saif al-Quds”.  Today, the conditions that paved the way to the Zionist colonists coming to Arab Palestine are mostly reversed, while conditions are being prepared for the indigenous Palestinians people to return, and to West Asian to restore their sovereignty & independence.

This occasion has been stressed by Imam Khomeini (R) and after him by Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei as a station to revive an issue that the arrogant hegemony and all its agents are trying to obliterate. Our ethical, religious, and humanitarian duty is to revive it. Politically, in the media & financially, we must affirm that Quds is part & parcel of our religion and culture. By abandoning this righteous cause, the philosophy of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan loses its meaning and purpose, especially with the development and threats facing this holy site.

Imam Khomeini (R) wanted us to continue in the same approach and confront the American-Zionist vicious scheme in our region.  It is an occasion to affirm the constants for which the martyrs made blood and dear sacrifices including “Martyr of Quds” Hajj Qassem Soleimani.

The International Quds Day is an occasion to expose: the occupation’s crimes against Palestine and its people;  The Judaisation of the Islamic and Christian sanctities; What the Maqdessi people are subjected to in terms of displacement, house demolitions, and land confiscation;  The settlement plots that the West Bank and the 48 territories are exposed to;  The siege that Gaza is exposed to;  What the millions of displaced Palestinians in the diaspora are exposed to.  This occasion is to confirm that Quds will not be the capital of an illegal criminal temporary entity and that the nation will not forget or ignore the issue of Palestine.

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