Ukraine’s Future

Ukraine as a country might not have a future. Ukraine is a new country only three decades old. Historically, Ukraine has been a part of Poland or of Russia. It might be on the verge of being divided between them.

Most of the Donbass and much of the Black Sea coast has been liberated by Russian forces and the forces of the two Donbass republics. Clearly the Ukrainian forces have lost the war in Donbass. Clearly Zelensky, a Jew who somehow heads a neo-Nazi state, lies when he claims Ukraine had no intention of reconquering the breakaway Donbass republics. What other purpose did the 150,000 Ukrainian army and Nazi militias arrayed on the shrunken Donbass borders have? How can the Russian forces be destroying the Ukrainian army in Donbass if the army wasn’t there? A question like this is too straightforward for the Western presstitutes.

What happens after Russia’s victory in Donbass?

Will Washington permit its puppet government to agree to Russia’s demand that Ukraine demilitarize and take a neutral status like Austria, or will Washington and NATO raise and equip a million-man army in Western Ukraine and attempt to take back the Donbass and Crimea?

Such an attempt would likely result in the destruction of Kiev and Lvov. The Ukrainian government would exist only in exile. As a number of NATO countries have made themselves combatants in the conflict, they are legitimate Russian targets. Clearly, a widening of the conflict is easily possible.

Ukraine could lose its standing as a country in another way. According to John Helmer, Russian intelligence reports Polish interest in reclaiming Western Ukraine. The idea seems to be that Polish troops in the guise of peacekeepers would occupy Western Ukraine in order to keep the Russians out and simply stay while the remains of Ukraine transition back into a Polish province.

Of course, it is up to Russia. It is possible that the Kremlin will realize that its limited operation cannot achieve its aim of a demilitarized and neutral Ukraine and that the West will keep the war going unless Russia takes all of Ukraine and installs a Russian puppet in place of the American one.

It seems a formidable task to train and equip a new Ukrainian army. According to Ukrainian commanders, few of the weapons supplied by the West reach the combat zones. The weapons seem to be sold into the black market by Ukrainian officials, who are using every opportunity to line their pockets before the ship goes down, or destroyed on arrival by Russian precision missiles.

I think that the most definitive statement that can be made is that Russia has made it clear that Ukraine will be neutralized. The longer Washington and NATO try to block this outcome, the more likely the war will widen. Washington and the militarily weak countries that comprise NATO have no prospect of confronting the Russian military in conventional war. The danger to the world of Washington’s effort to prevail over Russia is clear.

The threat of nuclear war along with the high inflation and diminished energy supplies imposed on Europe by the ill considered sanctions could lead to the breakup both of NATO and the EU. It would be poetic justice if the sanctions end up shattering Washington’s empire.

Ukraine’s Future

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