Ukraine Reveals “Victory Plan”

Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has a plan to achieve victory for his nation. All it requires is the West creating and transferring over a full-scale army and air force-worth of heavy weapons.

The recent op-ed penned by Dmytro Kuleba demonstrates the two different conversations taking place among the West regarding Ukraine – one of pure fantasy and one regarding the stark reality of Ukraine needing to make concessions.


Foreign Affairs – How Ukraine Will Win, Kyiv’s Theory of Victory:…

One thought on “Ukraine Reveals “Victory Plan”

  • Sandra Stone

    OMG!! Russia was right to see NATO as a threat that it is. As an American, I am sick to my stomach when I think of what we have done. We come into countries and tell them what they are going to do. If they disagree, we bring destruction on them like they would never imagine. We have over 800 bases around the world. We still see Germany and Japan as prisoners of war. Native Americans are on “reservations” that have POW numbers as Identifications. Iraq, Iraq, Syria and the horror of Libya. I feel shame and bitter regrets. Now we’re targeting Russia. Hillary Clinton wants to say her power elite motto: “I came, I saw, he died” again. It felt so good, she wants to feel it again. Putin has been chosen. I pray to God he will be the one to stop our evil reign of terror.


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