The Democrat Police State Has Its Hands On Our Throats

As I reported yesterday and previously, the totally corrupt Biden Justice (sic) Department and FBI Gestapo are trying to orchestrate a plot by Trump and supporters to subvert American democracy so that Biden can steal the November election by federalizing the process and taking the election out of state hands.

More evidence comes forward in the spate of subpoenas the Justice (sic) Department has issued to Trump supporters. The subpoenas to Trump supporters, including Trump’s lawyers, do not say what is being investigated. Furthermore, communication between a person and the person’s lawyer is protected and not subject to subpoena, but subpoenas have been issued regardless, which is both unconstitutional and illegal. But the Nazi Democrat Gestapo Regime is making it clear that it accepts neither Constitutional nor legal constraints on its power, as it has the whore media in its pocket and controls both the Justice (sic) Department and FBI.

Tucker Carlson reports on this unprecedented development.

Donald Trump says the Democrats’ orchestrated hoax to paint him and his supporters as a threat to America will fail. But I wonder. Who is going to make it fail? The presstitutes? What a joke. The Department of Justice (sic)? What a joke. The FBI? What a joke. The law schools and bar associations? What a joke. The RINO Republicans? What a joke. The woke military leadership? What a joke. Are the American people going to take up arms? What a joke. The ACLU? What a joke.

The Nazified Democrat Party is in the process of bringing America to its end. Before our eyes a one-party Police State is rising.

Get used to it. It is your future.’\

The Democrat Police State Has Its Hands On Our Throats

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