A One-Party State in the Making

As I suspected —

Biden Declares WAR on White America


FBI conducted mass raids against Trump supporters

— the corrupt Democrats and their FBI Gestapo are Inventing a “plot against Democracy” by Trump Republicans, like they did with the alleged “January 6 Insurrection,” so that the Democrats can hold on to power by seizing control over the November election and all future elections. Traditional Americans do not understand the ideological hatred of America that infects the core activists of the Democrat Party. Americans will sit sucking their thumbs while a one-party state is created in America.

As I pointed out in my book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions (2000), the prosecutorial function was corrupted many years ago when convictions, not justice, became the motivating force. Integrity is not a word that means anything to a federal prosecutor. The corrupt Department of Justice is at work reinventing the espionage act in order to turn Trump, an American president, into a national security threat.

Police states first shut up the people. Censorship is now the rule in print, TV, and social media, and in the educational system. To utter a word of truth is the quickest way to have your career destroyed.

Normality is being de-normalized and perversity normalized. The Biden regime is a showcase for sexual perverts. The intent is to destroy the meaning of normality by making everything normal except the values of white MAGA Republicans.

A revolution is underway. Biden kicked it into high gear on September 1 when he demonized half of the American population and read them out of the country as people who “threaten the very foundation of our Republic,” “do not respect the Constitution” or believe in “the rule of law,” who “promote authoritarian leaders.” “fan the flames of political violence” and “steal elections.” In case Republicans haven’t noticed, this is a declaration of war.

Democrats have declared white people to be racists and exploiters of others, and they use Critical Race Theory to destroy the confidence of white kids in themselves and in their parents, while the 1619 Project destroys their belief in their history and their culture. The deracination of white ethnicities and the demolition of a merit-based system have been underway for many years.

This describes a revolution that is in advance stages. Whites themselves if they are liberal Democrats, are converts and are opposed to their own race. A civil war is underway, and normality, and America, are losing.

A One-Party State in the Making

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