The FBI’s Peter Strzok Is Still Trying To Frame Donald Trump

Peter Strzok, while serving as Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division worked with his lover and FBI lawyer Lisa Page to derail Donald Trump and prevent his election. Emails between Strzok and Page show active hostility against Trump while Strzok worked on Robert Mueller’s “investigation” into “Russiagate,” a hoax orchestrated by Mueller and the FBI against Trump. Strzok was eventually fired, but not until he had done all the damage he could creating false news about Trump.

Previously Strzok conducted a non-investigation of Hillary Clinton’s clear email violations and cleared her, showing the politically partisan nature of the FBI: clear Democrat criminals and frame Republican innocents.

Strzok became a favorite of the whore media which treats him as an objective expert. On August 28, Newsweek gave him a forum to connect Trump’s alleged possession and mishandling of alleged national security documents with alleged Russian attempts to infiltrate Mar-a-Lago and seize national security documents that Strzok alleged without evidence “were strewn all over the facility” with “the absolute lack of any sort of control of who had access to Mar-a-Lago at any given time.”
In other words, Trump left the secrets lying around on coffee tables and the kitchen counter for Russia or China compromised hired help to collect and deliver to Russian and Chinese agents.

How likely do you think it is that Trump’s Secret Service agents, aides, and lawyers would not notice or would permit national security secrets to be lying around uncontrolled so that anyone could have access to them? Do you really think that a FBI counterintelligence officer could possibly be so utterly stupid as to believe his own statement? Do you think that even a totally dumbshit Newsweek presstitute reporter and editor could possibly believe such an impossible story? No, of course not. As the FBI itself has stated, the documents in Mar-a-Lago were kept in boxes in a storage room under double locks. The FBI says its agents took the documents from the locked storage room, not from table tops scattered around the property.

But Strzok and Newsweek know that no one is going to hold them accountable for continuing to frame Trump with false claims as no one has yet been held accountable for the high treason of framing the President of the US while he was in office. John Durham’s vaunted “investigation” of the attempted “Russiagate” frame up is a nothing. Despite real, hard evidence lying around on table tops all over Washington that “Russiagate” was a conspiracy by the FBI and Department of Justice to frame the President of the United States, Durham has prosecuted a minor infraction by a minor lawyer remote from the critical issue he is supposed to be investigating. What we are witnessing with Durham’s “investigation” is just another coverup, like the 9/11 investigation, the investigations of the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, etc.

Karl Rove, a George W. Bush White House insider turned media presstitute quickly shielded Strzok from his oversight that Secret Service agents would notice national security documents lying around unmonitored by suggesting that it was Trump’s Secret Service detail that blew the whistle on him. Rove has confirmed what we have known from the beginning and that is the Republican Establishment wants Trump over and done with just as badly as do the Democrats and their FBI Gestapo. Voting for the Republican Establishment is not that different from voting for the Democrat Establishment. They are both members of the Establishment that is arrayed in force against the American people.

Trump is the American Establishment’s enemy. How he has managed to survive this long is a testament to his strength and determination. What the Satanic Democrats and the FBI Gestapo are trying to do is to murder Trump with a heart attack from all the stress they are piling on a 76 year old hard driving man.
One wonders why Trump doesn’t get as much of his money as possible out of the country somewhere Washington cannot seize it, take his beautiful wife somewhere they cannot be arrested by Washington, apologize to Putin for his failure to normalize relations and ask for political asylum. Instead, Trump continues to fight for Real Americans against the woke, politically correct, sexually perverted anti-Americans of the Democrat Nazi Party. Donald Trump, far from perfect like the rest of us, is an American Hero. We will never see the likes of him again as his generation of real Americans is dying out.

For an American of my generation is is very strange that the FBI is determined to ruin such a patriotic person as Trump. It used to be that the FBI were patriotic Americans. What happened to the FBI?

The answer is that time passes. FBI agents are college graduates. For the last two, perhaps three, decades, a graduate from an American university has had four years of indoctrination against his country. That is all an American education is today. The official narrative is that America is a racist fascist country, and it is all the work of conservative patriots who vote Republican, the white Americans that President Biden just declared this week to be “semi-fascists.” In other words, white Republicans are Americans worst problem, says the Democrat President of the United States.

College graduates who go into the FBI are no different from the ones who become corporate executives or military officers or school teachers. Just as white corporate executives impose “sensitivity training” and Critical Race Theory on their white employees, so does the government, the military, and school boards. The people who support America, its principles and history are on the defensive. Those who repudiate and attack America are on the offensive. In short, it is a war of the young against the old. Older Americans were enculturated into America by their education. As education degenerated into indoctrination against America, younger Americans are alienated from their country by their education.

As the older generations pass away, the ranks of patriots thin, and with the education of Americans controlled by such as the New York Times 1619 Project, the ranks of anti-Americans thicken. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s hatred of patriotic Americans simply reflects the indoctrination they received in place of an education.

Today in “free” America, a professor who says anything or refers to any historical event that an ignorant black student can allege is offensive is ruined. But the black student can call for the extermination of white Americans and no one is permitted to protest as only “racist whites” would protest the truth. White Americans who deny they are racists are simply regarded as liars.

The dumbshit white liberals who created this situation do not understand that they, being white, will also be the victims of the hatred of white people they have fostered. The Russian “constitutional liberals” who paved the way for Lenin and the Bolsheviks did not understand that their good intentions would not save them. Neither did the French liberals in Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints realize that they would be the first victims of the immigrant-invaders of France who they championed.
When Raspail’s novel was published in 1973 no one realized it was an accurate portrayal of France’s future and the future of the Western world. What began as a novel became a prescient predictor of the future.

The United States today is in a precarious position. There is no incentive for a white male to join the military and be subject to “sensitivity training,” and to black, female, and transgendered officers and sergeants who abuse white soldiers in keeping with their inferior status as white male oppressors. With their “victims” having the upper hand, white males have no protection as a preferred minority. Their promotions are blocked while diversity is achieved, and if they discipline black, female, or a sexually perverted subordinate, they are subject to charges of racism, sexual abuse, or bias against sexual perverted persons. When a white male thinks about the stress he has to undergo in the military, the educational and retirement benefits (after 20 years) don’t look so attractive as they formerly did.

It is this country, America, which has demonized half of its population, that is lining up wars with Russia, China, and Iran. Who is going to fight America’s wars? White males who are demonized, called names, while their government makes every effort to ruin them? Or will America’s declared victims–blacks, Hispanics, women, sexually perverted persons–fight for the country they have been taught to hate as their oppressor?

Never in the recorded history of the world has any country ever been so completely mindless as to set up itself for disastrous military defeat and total collapse as the United States. In a country where the President declares the best part of the population to be semi-fascists and the other half to be the country’s victims, who comes to the defense of the country?

Strange, isn’t it, how this obvious question has never received a bit of attention.

FBI Agent Leading Orchestrated Campaign Against Trump Forced to Resign

Republican Senator Grassley forced the resignation of corrupt FBI agent who opened “an investigation into Trump based on liberal news articles” and who shut down “investigative activity into Hunter Biden that was based on verified information.” The FBI agent, said Grassley, “undermined the work and reputation of the FBI” and cast “a shadow over all the bureau’s work.”
So we have a second Peter Strzok and another Mueller.

Is there a person left in the FBI leadership who has an ounce of integrity? Is everyone in the FBI an enemy of America?

The FBI’s Peter Strzok Is Still Trying To Frame Donald Trump

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