How Much Longer Will Thanksgiving Be a National Holiday?

This is a legitimate question. According to the New York Times’ 1619 Project, according  to what is taught in US universities and public schools, and according to what the American left and those influenced by them believe, to celebrate Thanksgiving is to celebrate the racism of white supremacy.  As this belief is growing and not shrinking, how much longer before Thanksgiving becomes a day of atonement for racist sins?

Erasing national holidays is a way of erasing a culture. As Thanksgiving grows increasingly offensive to people of color, as Easter, once a Christian celebration of the Resurrection, disappears into baskets of candy for children, and as the celebration of Christmas is increasingly confined to the home, the three major holidays in the United States rot away, leaving the culture unsupported by public celebrations. 

It is the total failure of the American intellectual class not to see this.

The same cultural deracination or dissolution is occurring in Great Britain.  A recent poll found that almost half of young British see their country as “structurally racist,” and think their country was founded on racism.  38 percent want Churchill’s statue removed from Parliament Square. Six in ten school graduates say they were taught critical race theory. British youth are also showing growing alienation from free speech, with 29 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds saying that JK Rowling should be dropped by her publishers because of her views toward transgendered people. It was left to an immigrant-invader, Dr Samir Shah, to stand up for British values such as free speech, tolerance, debate, and democracy:  What British schools are teaching, she said,  “runs against many Enlightenment values,” leading to a “world in which tolerance is being replaced by intolerance and a fear of speaking one’s mind.”

Does it strike you as odd that Samir Shah, a member of the British Government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, has more appreciation for a society based in civil liberty than many a white liberal British ethnic don at Oxford and Cambridge?  Whereas the argument is powerful that a nation, as distinct from a geographical entity, such as an empire, can be based only in ethnic and cultural homogeneity, I continually encounter immigrant-invaders who have more commitment to the civil liberty guaranteed by the US Constitution than do white American liberals.  For many American white liberals, civil liberty means abortion (murder), oppression and censorship of views of which liberals disapprove, prosecution of politicians, such as Trump, of whom liberals disapprove, and misinterpretation and reinterpretation of the US Constitution to support their liberal-left agendas.  Many American white liberals and it seems every member of the Woke left have no qualms about stuffing a gage in our mouths.  But firebrand immigrant-invaders, such as Ilhan Omar and Ocasio-Cortez, don’t want gags in their mouths.

Perhaps we do need a replacement–a replacement of all white liberals and all white Woke leftists.  Certainly, civil liberty and civility have no future in their hands.

How Much Longer Will Thanksgiving Be a National Holiday?

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