West Asia revolution

The success of the Islamic Revolution in Iran was a source of significant changes in the region and the world.

This event had a profound impact on awakening Muslims worldwide and revitalizing religious beliefs. With the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, it became evident that Islam was the most potent factor in shaping identity and creating a strong ideology for Islamic group. Hence, the choice of resistance, with Tehran, Damascus, Hezbollah, Hashd Sahaabi, Ansarullah and Palestinian resistance defending the Palestinian cause and confronting hegemonic regimes, became their top priority. Despite Western and regional countries claiming they do not want the conflict in the Gaza Strip to escalate into a regional conflagration, Iran, Hezbollah, Iraqi Resistance, Syrian Resistance and the Ansarullah in Yemen are playing an entirely different game. They are patiently and systematically working to strengthen the axis’s alliance across the regional battlefield. Today this axis poses a direct challenge to the regional order established by the West and defended in the Middle East for decades, in service of the native peoples’ strategic vision.

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