43 Years of Light–MES EP.144

Forty-three years have passed, yet the features of the Islamic Revolution are still emerging. Between every will for evil and every hand of tyranny, Imam Ruhollah Khomeini’s revolution shines, sometimes in its Husseini form, other times in its Soleimani form, to prove that the steps that were drawn along the path of belief and faith, are not shaken by the beating drums of injustice and arrogance.

Today the victory of 1979 is in brighter color. Today Iran not only stands firm in a position of glorification, contented with what the hands of its martyrs, scholars a1nd leaders have achieved, but it stands strong behind its leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei who called upon is nation and the broader Islamic nation to take the second step towards victory. 43 years later, the Iranian nation embraces for new possibilities starting with scientific and technical progress to comprehensive human development at all levels, rewriting their future on the pages of the Islamic revolution.

To discuss this issue with us from Tehran is Dr. Hamid Reza, Tehran’s deputy mayor for international affairs.

Today, the Iranian Islamic Revolution completes its forty-third year, bringing with it tools acquired over decades that qualify it for survival, continuity, and progress in the process of facing external challenges and internal developments in all their forms.

This revolution represents a civilized movement and a cultural renaissance that had the ingredients to influence global developments and events. We see that it was able, despite the attempts to isolate, limit and besiege it since its eruption, to thwart all these conspiracies and schemes and to resist trends that the strongest regimes cannot withstand. Modern history attests that what Iran has faced and is facing to this day of an economic and commercial war imposed on it by major colonial powers and a military war which drained its capabilities for more than eight years, which no regime faced in modern history. Thanks to the faith of its people, the unity of its ranks and the wisdom of its founder, Imam Khomeini, and its leader, Imam Khamenei, Iran has overcome all these ordeals and is still facing and defying all these crises and conspiracies with steadfastness and insight.

To discuss this issue with us from Athens is Lamprini Thoma journalist at The Press Project and MC at Radio Venceremos.

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