Revolution 44-MES EP.196

The 1st Ten days of February of 1979 marked the beginning of a new era for a new world, as what came after it is not the same as was before it. The greatness of the achievement and loftiness of civilized ideas was manifested in a blessed revolution led by Imam Khomeini, “may his soul be sanctified.”

A revolution whose achievements are great, but the most important of them is giving thrust for the oppressed in the world to face the arrogant powers that continue to exclude peoples and violate their rights. His Eminence, Ayatollah Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, is the leader of the Islamic Revolution, and this leadership is the most important responsibility that His Eminence, Imam Khamenei, bears. Originally, when we express His Eminence with the word “leader,” we mean that he is a leader of the Islamic Revolution. Therefore, it is necessary and very important to know how His Eminence views the concept of the Islamic Revolution, and how this leader defines this revolution that he leads.

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