Lebanon Wins Rights in Offshore Gas Field-MES EP.179

Initial approvals of Lebanon and the occupying Israeli entity on the draft agreement on the demarcation of the maritime border between the two sides entered the stage of operational steps. This is a historic deal for both sides.

The operational steps will include announcing an official position approving the agreement before embarking on executive steps related to the final drafting of the papers that must be signed by representatives of the two parties with the participation of the United States and the United Nations, which then leads to announcing the validity of the agreement.

To discuss this issue with us from Beirut is Dr. Ibrahim Mousawi, Lebanese Member of Parliament at the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc Hezbollah.

Despite Sana’s adherence to the issue of disbursing the salaries of all employees, as a prelude to renewing the truce, the core of the rams between it and Riyadh may go beyond that stumbling block, to the gains that the two sides can generally achieve.

In light of this situation, the United Nations unsurprisingly leaned last week to the Saudi side by holding “Ansarullah” responsible for thwarting the agreement to extend the ceasefire. The latter continues to affirm its readiness for all scenarios, including targeting Saudi oil industries, amid indications that this gray period will not be long. Time before its outcome becomes clear.

To discuss this issue with us from Sydney is Dr. Jay Tharappel, researcher, academic and political commentator.

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