Iran Breaks U.S. Hegemony in West Asia–MES EP.36

The Trump administration has seriously disturbed and worsened regional conditions, sinking it in tensions, turmoil, even wars not seen for many years. In the post-Cold War era, the US has adopted a Middle East strategy aiming at exclusive US domination, helping Israel grow stronger, orchestrating regime change in various countries, and looting ever more regional resources. We discuss this segment with Patrick Henningsen, founder of the 21stCentury Wire news website.

Meanwhile, Sidqi AlMaqt’s freedom is alive example that 32 years of imprisonment in Israeli detention centers have only proven that wounds rule over knives, and that prisoners can free themselves from confinement through their steadfastness. We discuss this segment with Laith Marouf, expert in Middle East Politics.

One thought on “Iran Breaks U.S. Hegemony in West Asia–MES EP.36

  • Tura Arutura

    The narrative regarding the domination of the Middle East Asia Africa & S.America has gone unsuccessfully challenged for close to 500yrs although the Information age allows society to understand the White Anglo Saxon hegemony & it’s impact on global peace. Including a better understanding of self interest individuals and groups who are complicit in undermining progress, sovereignty and peace..


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