Hezbollah Drones Roam Occupied Palestine–MES EP.84

Hezbollah revealed last week that one of its drones crossed into the “Israeli”-occupied Palestinian territories during the second day of the Israeli regime’s military exercise. The Israeli occupation’s military drill was ironically focused on preventing UAV’s from crossing the border. The IDF held a large-scale multi-front exercise at the end of October, simulating war with Hezbollah and dubbed “Lethal Arrow.” Hezbollah’s device was seen penetrating occupied territory without even being locating by Israel’s radar.

To discuss this issue with us from Beirut is Dr. Denijal Jegic, academic and researcher.

The city of Ma’rib is of strategic and economic importance in the Saudi war against Yemen, and the control of Ansarullah over the city of Ma’rib is considered the beginning of a new chapter in the war. Ansarullah’s control of the garrison, which was the headquarters of Mansour Hadi’s forces in the 7th Military District, disturbed the forces and led to the advancement of Ansarullah towards the city of Ma’rib, which is home to the Ministry of Defense of the resigned government and coalition garrisons and other vital oil facilities.

To discuss this issue with us from Sydney is Jay Tharappel member of the Yemen solidarity council.

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