Russia Names Israel in Beirut Nuclear Attack

A new resounding statement by a general in the Russian intelligence: Israel destroyed the port of Beirut with a nuclear missile!

Izvestnaya newspaper

The last statement of the former official in the Russian intelligence, General Igor Draganov, was a resounding surprise, as he said in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestnaya,” “I confirm what I said years ago, that the port of Beirut exploded with an Israeli tactical nuclear missile.”

He added, “Then the Western naval forces came under the cover of humanitarian assistance (France, England and America) to obscure the scientific facts, as the explosion constituted a global humanitarian disaster that could shake the Israeli entity and prevent the achievement of the peace treaty with the Gulf.

And all the foreign warships left Lebanon after the American team of experts arrived, Lebanon officially allowed them to enter its sovereign lands to scientifically confirm the success of obliterating the truth (the FBI with trained dogs).

The general continued, “Lebanon did not try from the beginning to find out the truth. The judiciary is politicized, the families of the martyrs also, after which hundreds of millions of dollars legally entered Lebanon under the cover of restoring the port and helping families.”

And he added: “The truth is that the money was in preparation for the parliamentary elections and to silence the authorities and not investigate. Where did the 500 million euros sent by France, for example, go to non-governmental associations?

Then Macron, with the help of Mikati, tried to persuade their French-Lebanese friend “Saada” to reconstruct the port of Beirut without a transparent bid, and thus Haifa port became the most important maritime trade center in the region, not Beirut.

“In the end, the Russian intelligence is sure that Hezbollah does not have any military equipment in the port or in any other facilities, as Israel tried to spread, but the real goal behind the bombing of the port is to strike the largest port in the eastern Mediterranean and remove it from competition with the port of Haifa once and for all. With the success of the task of striking the Lebanese banking sector and also removing it from competition.”

What confirms this is that France has not yet submitted a request, as Macron promised, to the UN Human Rights Council to refer the Beirut port explosion file to an international commission of inquiry. Reveal the truth, despite the request of the President of the Republic.

“Beirut didn’t blow up, it was blown up”

Gordon Duff, Thierry Meyssan and others with comments by Mikhail Nazarov

This terrible explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, on August 4, 2020, with an earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale, destroyed half of the city and caused huge damage to the country’s economy, mass unrest broke out, the government resigned. According to media reports, it all started with several explosions in a fireworks warehouse, then a nearby warehouse with 3,000 tons of saltpeter exploded. In the media, the prevailing version points to the negligence of the personnel serving the warehouse, and the irresponsibility of the Lebanese authorities, who have been storing dangerous goods in the city port for years.

However, on the American patriotic-opposition site, its editor-in-chief Gordon Duff publishes pictures of the “Israeli” missile taken by American military video surveillance systems in Beirut, and even by the sensitive power of the explosion and by its characteristic “mushroom” suggests that the missile was nuclear.

Gordon Duff also considers indirect evidence that “based on a complaint from the government of Israel, YouTube and Facebook resources are deleting videos posted on them showing an Israeli rocket, although all six videos made from different points by different people are strangely similar.” “However, we still have it on Twitter ( ) and you can see the missile hit the warehouse. You can also see footage in fine detail, showing enough of the missile itself to clearly identify it. This infrared video makes a lot more sense than ammonium nitrate itself.”

Beirut was blown up. Explosion in the port of BeirutVideo recordings and eyewitness accounts are given:

“Watch it now, in this tweet, and then frame by frame again to see the planes and hear the attack, just like hundreds of people in Beirut are now silencing Facebook and Google on behalf of their attackers.

videotape )

At 1:12 the planes swoop down and you hear their sound, frightening those filming the video. At 1:53 one of them will fly up, launching a rocket, and flies into the cloud.

The photo is below, but understand for yourself.

And the last thing you see is a nuclear explosion. Here’s another point of view.”

eteranstoday : “After the Israeli nuclear attack on Beirut, hundreds of footage taken by Lebanese citizens from F16 aircraft that we now know dropped tactical nuclear weapons on the port of Beirut was banned. Watch CC TV where pedestrians point at the planes, below you can see the whole attack, hear the sound, see the planes and enjoy the devastating explosion that devastated Lebanon.

videotape )

[VT Editor’s Note: We need a translation of the Arabic conversation as additional evidence. It is very important. Please write in the comments or let me know you can and I’ll send you an email… VT has always been the result of our worldwide network of authors, readers and commentators working together. Thank you…Jim W. Dean]”.

“The couple who filmed and sent this video are brave and lucky. When the Israeli plane dives, you hear them pointing at the plane and she screams as the rocket is fired. Video here and in the Twitter post below.
You can hear them, you can hear the plane and the missile and watch them sound the alarm seconds before anything happened.

videotape )

The Israeli F-16 you will hear is shown in the video from 1:53 to 1.54, but it is heard approaching at 1:12 and its rocket launch at 1:21…

Google’s Sergey Brin and Facebook’s Zuckerberg are top-level operatives in a CIA and Mossad rogue operation to destroy both the Middle East and the United States… Both banned VT over 5 years ago. Try posting the VT link on Facebook…”

“The planes that the hasbara [Jewish propaganda] claimed were birds are now filmed from the roof, they are F 16s, yes, they are birds, Fighting Falcons, and very noisy …

If we have fake rocket videos, they must have been created by a security agency, Israel of course, with most of the work done ahead of time and a network of trolls releasing them.
… But now we have eyewitnesses of a rocket from an Israeli plane, and below is the sound of this plane and the rocket, recorded from the roof of a house in Beirut. When Meissan said it was a new Israeli weapon, he may have been referring to a suicide drone-type weapon fired from an aircraft or a hybrid glide bomb.”

Same plane, different video (carefully coordinated fakes, as Facebook and YouTube claim?)

What we actually hear at 1:21 is an F16 (single engine, also spotted and identified) descending directly over the target, easily audible from the rooftop in this sonic masterpiece… ( Original Greek text here ).”

Please comment. We have more videos, but there is no place to put them safely yet.

This video and the Russian one (and the Lebanese one, which is in the wrong format) show a smaller rocket or “glide bomb.”

videotape )

Such videos are accumulating from half of Beirut, the “city of video falsifications” and fertilizer keepers…

And look how a Russian video expert describes the case:


[RI editorial note: a must-see. However, this very important video is constantly removed from the Internet resources. We saved it on our server]

Gordon Duff

Abridged translation made by ed. RI.

Gordon Duff is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, a participant in the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran who has worked for decades on the problems of veterans and prisoners of war. Gordon is considered one of the world’s leading intelligence experts. He runs the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments experiencing security concerns.

+ + +

Israel strikes at Beirut with new weapons

On September 27, 2018, Benjamin Netanyahu, during a speech at a session of the UN General Assembly, points to a Hezbollah [Lebanese paramilitary “party of Allah”] weapons depot. This warehouse was blown up on August 4, 2020.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the bombing of a Hezbollah weapons cache with a new weapon tested in Syria six months ago. It is not known if the second Prime Minister Benny Gantz has anything to do with this order.

The blow was made exactly at the place that Benjamin Netanyahu indicated on September 27, 2018 during his speech at the session of the UN General Assembly [ 1 ].

The characteristics of the new weapon are unknown. However, it has been tested in Syria since January 2020. This is a missile containing a tactical nuclear charge that causes a mushroom explosion characteristic of a nuclear bomb. Of course, this is far from an atomic bomb used for strategic purposes. This weapon was tested in Syria on the flat terrain, and then in the Persian Gulf against Iranian warships.

Israel, immediately after the explosion, activated its networks in the international media in order to cover up the traces of its crime and tossed the idea of ​​an accidental explosion of a fertilizer warehouse. As is often the case in such cases, no investigation has yet been carried out this time, but the culprits are identified, and the media machine relentlessly spreads these lies. However, everyone saw a cloud of smoke in the form of a mushroom, which does not at all look like an explosion of fertilizers.

Just as Syria and Iran said nothing about these weapons when they were used against them, the Lebanese political parties also conspired and are silent so as not to demoralize their population. And the investigation is not aimed at establishing the cause of the explosion, but at identifying the perpetrators among the personnel in violation of the rules for storing fertilizers, as the alleged cause of the explosion. However, this lie immediately backfired on the political parties that fabricated it.

A number of embassies sampled grain and seized air filters from ambulances, which immediately left for the scene. They will be used in the respective countries for analysis.

Thierry Meyssan
Translated by Eduard Feoktistov

Thierry Meyssan is a well-known French anti-globalist, the author of many revealing books about international politics, the crimes of the United States and Israel.

Below is information from the Central Jewish Resource.

Warehouse exploded in the port of Beirut belonged to Hezbollah

“Former Lebanese Justice Minister Ashtaf Rifi said that the warehouse that exploded in the port of Beirut belonged to Hezbollah, and this organization controls the entire security perimeter of the port.”

Former IDF Chief of Staff and former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, in an interview with KAN, said that the cause of the disaster in Beirut was the explosion of a Hezbollah weapons depot in the port: “Hezbollah controls the port, and nothing passes through it without its consent.”,1,322089-vzorvavshijsja-v-portu-bejruta-sklad-prinadlezhal-hizballe.html

Warehouses of the Third Lebanon War exploded in Beirut

“The well-known Israeli Arabist Zvi Yehezkeli gave an interview to 103FM radio station. Yehezkeli commented on the situation in which Hezbollah found itself as a result of the explosion of warehouses in the port of Beirut.

Yehezkeli said: “Nasrallah [the current head of Hezbollah] will make a speech in which he expresses sympathy for the Lebanese people, will call for unity. Nasrallah was pressed with his back to the wall. Pressed against the wall, Nasralah would agree to everything – to international assistance, to help from enemy states – USA, but certainly not Israel. And we will see Nasrallah trying to dodge, evade responsibility. We will not hear him say: we were in the port of Beirut, we ordered these substances, we had access to these substances. all on the little people. They will pay for everything.”

To the question: “Do you think that Nasrallah is behind this explosion, that he is to blame?” Yehezkeli replied: “Hezbollah is one of the parties responsible for storing ammonium nitrate in the port. I’ll explain why. We are not talking about the explosion in Lebanon, which came out of nowhere, like a bolt from the blue. This explosion took place in a state that is already in a state of collapse due to the sanctions imposed against Hezbollah. This state is being destroyed because of the constant threat of war with Israel. Nasrallah constantly threatens to arrange such a war. This state is being destroyed by the coronavirus. This state is being destroyed due to the political crisis caused by Nasrallah.”

for someone to pluck up the courage and tell Nasrallah – you kept it. We are talking about part of Nasrallah’s territory in the port of Beirut. It exploded – and showed the Lebanese that they were living on a powder keg. This is a question that the Lebanese must answer for themselves. Lebanon is a ruined, ethnically divided country with a non-functioning state apparatus. Voluntary disarmament of Hezbollah is not to be expected. It takes a lot of strength, a lot of blood, Nasrallah will not give up. Nasrallah may once again defeat the Lebanese people, but it is still a dead end.” Voluntary disarmament of Hezbollah is not to be expected. It takes a lot of strength, a lot of blood, Nasrallah will not give up. Nasrallah may once again defeat the Lebanese people, but it is still a dead end.” Voluntary disarmament of Hezbollah is not to be expected. It takes a lot of strength, a lot of blood, Nasrallah will not give up. Nasrallah may once again defeat the Lebanese people, but it is still a dead end.”,1,322088-v-bejrute-vzorvalis-sklady-tretej-livanskoj-vojny.html

+ + +

Comment by M.V. Nazarov

If an ordinary person with a normal psyche, who receives information only from the central Russian TV, is told that “BEIRUT DID NOT EXPLODED! BEIRUT WAS BLOWN UP BY THE JEWS!” – he will consider the speaker to be a vicious “anti-Semite” and an irresponsible homegrown conspiracy theorist, screamer, spreading horror stories. And in general, from the analytics of the main Russian media, it follows that in addition to the entire long-term Middle East conflict , the “invisible planet”It has nothing to do with the Jewish state: it is “the Muslim Arabs themselves are fighting among themselves” (as leading experts on the Middle East tell us in the Russian Federation: Satanovsky, Naumkin, Solovyov). But a person versed in the Jewish question will not be at all surprised by such a hypothesis, taking into account the Talmudic religion and its moral code of conduct, which prescribes any kind of deceit, crimes and murders in relation to the goyim (“God created the world for the Jews”, “only Jews – people, non-Jews are not people”). Moreover, something similar was clearly demonstrated in the USA on September 11, 2001 (and the initiators of all World Wars were the Jewish Financial International of bankers).

There may be doubts that the explosion was produced by a tactical nuclear missile (it is impossible to say without a study of the area for radiation, and the “mushroom” is also formed during non-nuclear explosions of high power). But in general, the hypothesis of a Jewish attack, despite the possible minor inaccuracies in its description, turns into an evidentiary charge if all the above information is brought together along with video evidence of a missile hitting a target. The conclusion is obvious – the Jewish state killed several birds with one stone with this explosion:

‒ Hezbollah’s explosives depot was destroyed, on whose facilities the Jewish special services and the army constantly inflict sabotage and missile strikes, including in Syria with violations of the borders and sovereignty of Lebanon by planes ;
– the capital was vindictively destroyed and the neighboring state, which has long been considered by “Israel” as an enemy, providing territory for Hezbollah militants, was extremely weakened; such revenge is a typical device in the Jewish mentality in relation to the enemy (one can recall plans for revenge on the German people for Hitler );
– the explosion can be used for international political pressure on Lebanon with a “reasonable” demand (and intimidation) for the complete removal of Hezbollah from Lebanese territory, respectively, this pro-Iranian group “Israel” has already been declared the main culprit of the explosion. And the long – planned Jewish attack on Iran will happen sooner or later .

Of course, both all the world’s main media outlets controlled and Russian ones completely hush up the truth about this crime against Lebanon, because the rulers of the Russian Federation also do not want to fall out of favor with the world rulers. As was the case with the provocation of September 11, 2001 .

«Бейрут не взорвался, он был взорван»

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