Mysterious military radio station predicts WW3 ??

Today, December 30, 2021 at 12:08 (UTC time 09:08), the mysterious Russian military radio station UVB-76, broadcasting at a frequency of 4625 kHz, transmitted the message: NZHTI 28 263 PAKTOBIT 47 64 97 37.

The Russian word PAKT is a pact, agreement, treaty, international treaty. In international relations, pacts are concluded between two or more sovereign states.

The word BIT is associated with a Russian word that means “broken”.

PAKTOBIT – this may mean the break of some important agreement and the beginning of a war.

UVB-76 began broadcasting around 1982. Nobody knows where this radio station is. At first, she rarely sent any messages. Surprisingly, after 1991, when the USSR collapsed, this radio station increased its broadcasting. There are different versions about the purpose of this radio station. According to one version, the termination of broadcasting UVB-76 will mean the beginning of a nuclear war. UVB-76 is called “Doomsday Radio”. In England, the messages of this radio station are treated with alarm. The BBC speculates that the broadcast may be related to Russian nuclear weapons.

Mysterious military radio station predicts WW3 ??

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