Epstein Victims Considered “Enemies of Israel and the Jewish People”

They were told Epstein’s “work” was vital to the security of Israel and that only “white girls” would be abused.

Thus, when the Epstein/Maxwell child trafficking ring that touched three continents began to unravel, the big names of fashion, gambling, finance, distilling, all really moguls of organized crime, unleashed the machinery of intimidation honed during the USS Liberty scandal, that spun the 1967 “blitzkrieg” on Egypt as “defense,” and erased Mossad involvement in 9/11 into motion.

All that had to do was terrorize “goyim” rape victims who were fed into the New York, Palm Beach and “Fun Island” trafficking machinery, operations that were duplicated in the UK, across Europe out of Belgium and into Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

It wasn’t just Epstein and Maxwell’s fake modeling agency, others were involved as well, still out there recruiting and for some, and we are talking the big name agencies, selling children into sex slavery in Saudi Arabia and the UAE to this day, according to our informants among New York’s fashion industry insiders.

Epstein and Maxwell were “special,” their job was blackmail, not pleasure.  Their story is being covered up in particular by the media organizations who seem to be gloating at Epstein’s downfall.

Never mentioned?  Maxwell and what she did to girls, perhaps hundreds of them?  The Epstein parties, it wasn’t just Trump or Dershowitz there.  What were the names, why is no one asking?

Of course we trace Epstein to Les Wexner, alleged architect of the post 9/11 frenzy of Neocon butchery through his Wexner Foundation which accepted a $40 million donation from Epstein in 2008, while Epstein was in the middle of a child trafficking investigation.

The coverup of the massive child rape ring run by, well not Jeffrey Epstein, that’s for sure, is ongoing with press stories misdirecting and deceiving “in high gear.”

The Epstein story is one of politics and foreign policy with Epstein, backed by the UK’s Maxwell/Mossad blackmail ring and Kosher Nostra billionaire Mega “elites,” is being choked off even as Epstein himself is relegated, it seems, to a life in prison.

We now learn even more.  We knew then US Attorney Andrew Acosta, the man who let Epstein go, a fake jail sentence that allowed him to jet around the world while supposedly behind bars, keeping up his sexual assaults, has told the press that Epstein was Mossad.

That was changed to “intelligence.”  More than that, we now learn that Epstein’s victims were threatened, had paramilitary/IDF types following them, looming over them when they shopped, grilling friends and employers and even using their Tahoe/Denali vehicles with suppressed license plates to run victims off the road.

The press calls them “private detectives.”  We know them as IDF and JDL, part of the ADL/AIPAC network tasked with protecting Jews from anti-Semites.

Anyone threatening to come forward against Epstein, including police, attorneys, media, would find a paramilitary detail parked in front of their homes, guns openly brandished and their lives ground into the dirt.

Problem is, everyone in the media knew this, most of the victims came forward, told all of this to local law enforcement and the FBI and asked for help.

When police and Federal agencies learned they were dealing the the JDL/JINSA and “Mossad,” victims were ignored, their reports shredded.  Here is a half baked report from CNN, very much part of the problem:

“Not long after a 14-year-old girl reported Jeffery Epstein to authorities in 2005, she says she received a warning from someone who claimed to be in contact with the well-connected financier.
The girl would be paid cash if she agreed not to cooperate with law enforcement, the person told the accuser, adding that “those who help him will be compensated and those who hurt him will be dealt with,” according to a Palm Beach, Florida, police report reflecting the accuser’s statement.

The threat was one of many intimidation and bare-knuckle tactics that accusers and witnesses told police they faced after Florida authorities opened their first investigation into Epstein.

During that probe, at least three private investigators who police believed were working on Epstein’s behalf tracked down accusers and possible witnesses to the alleged attacks, according to the police reports. They sat in black SUVs outside the homes of accusers, questioned their current and former boyfriends, and chased one parent’s car off the road, according to police reports and a lawyer for three accusers. Epstein’s current attorney Reid Weingarten denied in a court filing Thursday any knowledge of the alleged car chase and said if it happened, it was not authorized by Epstein.

‘It was incredibly intimidating,’ Spencer Kuvin, an attorney for three accusers, told CNN. ‘You have to remember these girls were 14 and 15 (years old) when this was happening.’
Prosecutors allege horrific crimes against girls by well-connected Jeffrey Epstein

Prosecutors weighed filing charges of witness intimidation

The aggressive tactics didn’t stop with witnesses or accusers, according to court filings, police reports, and attorneys, but also extended to the prosecutors.
Prosecutors with the US attorney’s office for the Southern District of Florida, led by Alex Acosta at the time, considered charging Epstein with obstruction of justice or witness intimidation in 2008, according to court filings. Weingarten, in Thursday’s filing, said it was a hypothetical idea prosecutors debated with Epstein’s previous counsel and prosecutors ‘ultimately did not believe there was factual support for the allegations.’”

Epstein Victims Considered “Enemies of Israel and the Jewish People”

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  • Sara

    I would like to get more information regarding JDL’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Is there more documentation showing donations to the group or other connections?


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