US Supplying Ukraine With Cluster Munitions as Offensive Stalls

On this episode of Fault Lines, host Jamarl Thomas discussed a number of domestic and international topics, including the US’ decision to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions, amid a forestalled offensive.

Elijah Magnier: Veteran War Correspondent
Mark Sleboda: Military and Geopolitical Analyst
Robin Biro: Democratic Strategist and Former Regional Director on Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign.
Steve Gill: Radio Host and CEO of Gill Media
Dave Beaty: UFO Researcher and TV Journalist

In the first hour, veteran war correspondent Elijah Magnier joined the Fault Lines team to discuss Turkiye’s desire to join the European Union in exchange for Sweden’s approval into the NATO alliance.

In the second hour, Mark Sleboda joined the show to discuss the United States supplying cluster munitions to Ukraine while the Ukrainian offensive stalls.

In the third hour, Robin Biro and Steve Gill spoke to Jamarl Thomas about Ron DeSantis’s campaign as Democrats are trying to stop a third party presidential bid on Capitol Hill.

Later in the final hour, Dave Beaty joined the show to talk about the UFO whistleblowers at Capitol hill.

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