Lessons from the Gaza War

Lessons have been learned from the battle waged by Gaza against Israel under the title “The Sword of Jerusalem”. Sources in the “Axis of Resistance” revealed that “Israel has used only a third of its military effectiveness and has kept the other two-thirds ready for fear of a battle expanding into a regional area with the participation of forces loyal to the resistance in Gaza.”

Israel had started military manoeuvres with tens of thousands of its forces, considered the largest manoeuvre since the establishment of Israel. The manoeuvre ignited a severe alarm in Lebanon where Hezbollah called for a general mobilisation if the manoeuvre turned into a real war on Lebanon.

The clashes erupted in Gaza on the tenth of this month, a day after the beginning of the Israeli manoeuvre, forcing Israel to stop and postpone it to a further date. Israel has always considered Hezbollah’s possession of precision missiles and more than 150,000 rockets and missiles as a strategic threat that should be deterred. Hence, the Israeli leaders thought the year 2021 to be the year that Hezbollah’s threat should be removed.

It seems that Gaza’s war altered the Israeli plans, imposing a significant change of objectives and a diversion of military effort towards the needs of the domestic front and prioritising the challenges. Indeed, 7000 new Israeli soldiers were allocated to support the already busy units in charge of the missile interception systems. These had to deal with 4300 rockets and missiles fired in just 11 days of the war. Other Israeli military units were alert to prepare for a possible but limited Gaza invasion (that never took place).

Lessons from the Gaza War

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