Abraham Lincoln was a lively old chap,
or that is how history has billed him,
until one fateful day
he went to see a play
and a man took a gun out and HE DIED IN POLICE CUSTODY.

Franz Ferdinand took a detour one morn
to get his belly properly filled,
when the archduke, we’re told,
chanced upon Leopold
and was struck with a bullet and DIED IN POLICE CUSTODY.

Mahatma Gandhi was greeting his fans
who were all understandably thrilled,
when an angry young man
with a gun in his hand
pulled the trigger, and Gandhi was DIED IN POLICE CUSTODY.

JFK caused a ruckus and angered cruel men
because he did whatsoever he willed.
People thought they’d misread
when the newspapers said
that their president had been DIED IN POLICE CUSTODY.

MLK had a dream which his brilliant mind
had a knack for distinctly distilling,
but he rocked the consensus
and one night in Memphis
fell victim to a terrible DYING IN POLICE CUSTODY.

George Floyd was arrested and pinned to the ground
for allegedly counterfeit billing.
A cop kneeled on his neck
and he choked Floyd to death:
an obvious, cold-blooded KILLING.



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