West Copes with Ukrainian Losses

Update on Russian Military Operations in Ukraine for June 28-29 2022:
– Russia continues advances in Donbas;
– Severodonetsk now completely under Russian control;
– Lysychansk is being encircled;
– Western media begins discussion on Ukraine’s inevitable, permanent loss of territory;
– West also admits limits to support it can provide Ukraine;


US Department of Defense – Senior Defense Official Holds a Background Briefing JUNE 27, 2022:

ABC (Australia) – Ukraine’s ‘tactical realignment’ in the east isn’t a sign it’s losing the war against Russia:

Sky News – Is Russia now winning the war in Ukraine? Experts have their say:

CNN – Biden officials privately doubt that Ukraine can win back all of its territory:

Guardian – ‘The enemy is planning something’: Kharkiv fears new Russian attack:

Reuters – Missiles strike Ukraine shopping mall, G7 vows to keep pressure on Russia:

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