War With the Russian Federation

I remember when others tooted my horn. The French government of President Francois Mitterrand bestowed upon me the French Legion of Honor for the restoration of economic science. President Reagan sent his Budget Director, Jim Miller, to the award ceremony with a letter from Reagan giving me credit for Reagan’s successful economic policy that cured stagflation. The US Department of the Treasury gave me its Silver Medal for “outstanding contributions to US economic policy.” Who’s Who in America gave me the Lifetime Achievements Award. The Press Club of Mexico gave me its International Journalism Award. When my children were born congratulatory letters arrived from such luminaries as the Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And so on.

Today, my horn is not tooted unless I do it myself, which I have not done but now will. I have ruined myself by telling the truth, and I don’t even get credit for that.

Yesterday (June 23, 2022) The Saker (Andrei Raevsky) wrote that it has become undeniable that what began as a Russian limited military operation in Ukraine has turned into an open and full-scale war between Russia and the West.

I was the first person to put into print that the “limited” aspect of Russia’s intervention in Donbass was a delusion. Washington, I said, would never allow it to be limited. For this obviously correct insight, Andrei denounced me as anti-Russian. Dmitry Orlov dismissed me as a crank who wanted nuclear war. In other words, my pointing out a Kremlin miscalculation that would result in a wider war was unwelcome despite its obvious truthfulness.

Well, as Andrei now acknowledges, the wider war I predicted is upon us. The Kremlin’s receptivity to provocations have brought them to the situation where an insignificant country, certainly militarily, but in all respects, has blocked Russia’s provision of part of Russia — Kaliningrad. If the Kremlin, ever tolerant of provocations, accepts this, Russia is finished. If the Kremlin doesn’t accept it, Lithuania is finished.

As Lithuania is a NATO member–stupid decision–NATO will have to go to war or back down. The Jewish neoconservatives who control US foreign policy will not let them back down. Washington pays a lot for obedience and will expect NATO to comply.

In other words, Europe’s “leaders” are likely soon to be faced with a decision: Do we destroy Europe or do we give up our American payments?

They will take the money and run, but to where?

As a former Cold Warrior, as a former member of a presidential investigatory committee to assess the CIA’s views of Soviet economic and military capability, I can say, with confidence, that there is nowhere to run.

Unless the hegemony over US, and thereby the West’s, foreign policy that is held by the Jewish neoconservatives is broken, the West and Russia are headed into nuclear war.

The war will be nuclear, because the West is too weak conventionally to confront Russia. The West is not aware of this, because the Russian Donbass intervention involves few Russian troops who are moving slowly using encirclement. Normally, an invasion force relies on a 3 to 1 superiority in manpower, but in the Donbass conflict the Ukrainians probably outnumbered the Russians, with the mass of the Russian Army waiting on the sidelines for any NATO troop intervention.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Russia will clear Donbass of Ukrainian military forces. That job is almost over. But not the wider conflict.

EU and NATO forming coalition ‘for war against Russia’ – Lavrov

The Russian Foreign Minister said today: “Hitler rallied a significant part, if not most, of the European nations under his banner for a war against the Soviet Union,” adding that “now, the EU together with NATO are forming another – modern – coalition for a standoff and, ultimately, war with the Russian Federation.”


War With the Russian Federation

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