The Truth Behind Washington’s “Free Tibet”

The Truth Behind Washington’s “Free Tibet”

One thought on “The Truth Behind Washington’s “Free Tibet”

  • Peace Zone

    When PRC annexed Tibet, Dalai Lama was a teenager, but the Tibetan government at that time was a theocracy. The Dalai Lama is not only a person but also an institution of a spiritual leader. I am afraid you assign more power to him than he actually exercises. In any event, before he retired from public roles in Tibetan society, he formally separated his office and role from any political functions of the Tibetan exiled “shadow government.”

    Nevertheless, the Atlanticists use the Tibetan exiles as a group to purport to show humanitarian support, and the Tibetan exiles sadly keep falling for this, although it is hard not to blame them for taking free money.

    The Tibetan religious leaders and Chinese leaders have relations that go back over a thousand years, and there is a long history of eclectic dynamics. Basically, what needs to happen to resolve the impasse is three-fold:

    (1) Set up some kind of vatican city state on the TAR-India border that can house the headquarters of the main religious denominations that do not want to return to Tibet proper. (Of these, the Dalai Lama’s denomination is only one, some already operate inside TAR and other provinces and are usually left alone by authorities so long as they don’t involve in politics. This scenario could be a “both-and” solution for factions split over returning completely.)
    (2) Formalize a protocol for return of refugees who may want to return, including offspring born to parents in exile countries, and/or formalized citizenship for those who do not want to return.
    (3) Formalize a protocol for the exiled government workers, if any of them want to return to Tibet, to integrate in society in civil service, private industry, etc.

    So as can be seen, this is a complex scenario, and any diplomatic assistance would need to be mutually agreed and is of the caliber for an expert diplomat like S. Lavrov.

    The Dalai Lama personally is not so powerful politically, except as a charismatic person. But it is sad to see the exiles put all of their hopes in USA, who are powerless to achieve anything constructive, and actually in partnership with Chinese economically.


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