Thailand’s US-Funded Mobs: Destroying a Nation Without Tanks and Bombs

When military invasion is impractical, stirring up opposition to do the work of an invading army is the next best thing. How Thailand’s US-funded mobs aim at dismantling the nation in ways a US invasion would.

  • US uses “color revolutions” to accomplish the goals of an invasion when military force cannot
  • US has destroyed dozens of nations in the past 20 years using “color revolutions”
  • Core organizations leading Thailand’s unrest are funded by the US government for this purpose
  • Goals of removing leadership, replacing the system of government, erasing national identity, and isolating Thailand from its ally China are shared goals of a US invasion/color revolution
  • Thai protesters need to ask questions as to what comes next if they “succeed”considering the fate of Washington’s other color revolution targets

For the United States – its ability to destroy nations outright through military invasion is still a constant threat to global peace. The US currently illegally occupies multiple nations including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, openly seeks war with nations like Iran, and openly supports war by proxy against nations like Yemen.

The United States has military bases in hundreds of countries and spends more on its military than the next ten top military spenders combined including Russia and China. But when it comes to destroying nations – tanks, planes, bombs, and soldiers are not the only tools at its disposal.

America’s Tools of Conquest: Economic Sanctions, “Color Revolution” Mobs, and “Hard” Military Invasion 

Destroying a nation with tanks, planes, bombs, and invading soldiers is only one way the US is capable of destroying a targeted nation. For Venezuela and Iran – economic sanctions have been used by the US to undermine stability and impose suffering on the populations of both countries.

There is also America’s use of “soft power” – a subject literally taught at the US National War College described as, “non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies.”

This includes a process known as “color revolutions” – the creation, funding, and support of opposition groups used to pressure targeted governments – and if necessary – mobilize violent street mobs to remove a nation’s leadership, disrupt a nation’s communications, undermine or destroy economic and social stability, and even physically destroy national infrastructure.

These are all primary objectives a conventional military invasion also shares in common – with “soft power” interventions used when conventional US military power cannot.

In many cases – like Syria and Libya – a combination of these strategies were used – beginning with economic sanctions, moving to “soft power” intervention through opposition groups ranging from violent mobs to armed militants – and ending with direct US military intervention aimed at the complete destruction of a targeted nation.

US-funding of Hong Kong’s political opposition and its training and use of violent mobs sent a tornado of violence through the semi-autonomous region causing destruction without the US risking a direct military confrontation with China.

Likewise, the US is targeting China’s allies across Asia in a similar manner – including the Kingdom of Thailand.

The US is Using “Color Revolution” Mobs to Target Thailand’s Leadership, Military, and Economy 

Despite Western media and even the US Embassy in Bangkok’s own multiple denials of being behind Thailand’s ongoing anti-government protests – verified evidence reveals that the US government is funding virtually every aspect of the protests.

The protests themselves – as well as the US-backed billionaire-led opposition helping to organize the mobs – are making demands that are nothing short of the complete destruction of Thailand itself.

The “Demands”  

US-funded Thai protesters are demanding the complete removal of the current government and the rewriting of the entire Thai constitution.


They also call to “reform” the Constitutional Monarchy which is interchangeably used as a call for its complete abolishment.


US-funded mobs seek the Westernization of Thailand’s educational system.

The mobs also are demanding the slashing of Thailand’s armed forces – weakening Thailand’s military and its ability to protect the nation without the US needing to fire a single shot.

And increasingly obvious are US-funded protesters demanding the rolling back of ties with China – thus cutting Thailand off from its largest trade partner, investor, source of tourism, arms supplier, and key partner in several major infrastructure projects including a high-speed rail network already under construction that will connect Thailand to China via Laos.

Removing a nation’s leadership, destroyings its institutions, weakening its military, and gutting its economy by sabotaging ties with its largest trade partner – are all also objectives of a foreign military invasion.

The fact that Thailand’s ongoing anti-government protests are openly funded by the US government helps illustrate how the US is using these mobs as a “soft power” substitute to accomplish objectives normally pursued by a “hard power” military invasion.

The US Funds Every Aspect of Thailand’s Anti-Government Mobs 

Through Washington’s notorious regime change arm – the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – the US government funds core opposition groups providing anti-government protests their core leadership, media networks, legal aid, training, and equipment.
Listed on the US NED’s official website which includes what amounts of US government money are admittedly given to these groups – are listed organizations like the Union of Civil Liberty which include Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR). In addition to providing legal aid to anti-government protesters and helping promote and coordinate protester activity – TLHR also provided protesters with core leadership. TLHR lawyer Anon Nampa had – until his recent arrest – led every major rally since this latest wave of protests began.
Another US-funded organization listed on the US NED’s official website – Internet Law Reform Dialogue (iLaw) – has spent months petitioning the Thai government to rewrite the entire Thai constitution. A foreign-funded organization attempting to rewrite another nation’s constitution is blatant violation of international law and norms as well as a violation of the UN Charter which strictly prohibits foreign interference in another nation’s internal affairs. It is also foreign interference the US itself would never tolerate from another nation.
The US NED also funds a wide range of media organizations including Prachatai – listed on the US NED’s website as the “Foundation for Community Educational Media” – which promote the protests activity daily – providing bias, one-sided coverage, and often coordinating with Western corporate media organizations in covering up opposition violence and spinning events as they unfold.
Prachatai is not only funded by the US government via the National Endowment for Democracy – but its “executive director” Chiranuch Premchaiporn is also literally a US NED “fellow” – listed as such on the US NED’s official website.
Even organizations bringing actual protesters to rallies – like the “Assembly of the Poor” – also known as “Thai Poor Act” – are listed on the US NED’s website as receiving US government money annually to continue carrying out their subversive activities.
A US Invasion by Any Other Name 
While not as spectacular or as obvious as an outright foreign invasion – everything the United States’ foreign-backed opposition is attempting to do in Thailand accomplishes precisely the same goals.
Thai protesters – at least those who truly believe they are fighting for a just cause – need to look at what the US has done to other nations around the globe and how those nations now suffer – and ask themselves honest questions about where they see their own movement bringing Thailand should they succeed.
If the current Thai government is removed from power, who will take its place? Billionaire opposition leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit? He has openly and repeatedly vowed to roll back Thai-Chinese relations including calls to cancel the high-speed railway – a project that will transform the region and increase economic activity many times over.
If Thailand’s military budget is slashed from its already meager 1.35% of the nation’s GDP – well below the global average of 2.2% – how will that help Thailand or deter potential enemies in a world where the US still literally invades and occupies other nations in violation of international law?
If Thailand’s Constitutional Monarchy is “reformed” – what takes its place? Western-style “democracy” where corporations are king – minus the historic 700 year social contract Thailand’s current institution has with its people?
Why did protest leaders pick now – when the world is attempting to recover from the COVID-19 economic crisis – to launch their campaign of destabilization? Have they proposed any realistic solutions to fixing Thailand’s economy? Doesn’t their increasingly transparent anti-China agenda only further endanger the Thai economy?
People falling into the protests have not considered any of this – just like those who joined US-funded mobs in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine, and Hong Kong never did.
Many of them are kids – some of them not even old enough to vote or even old enough to remember what the US has done in other nations in just the last two decades.
The United States and the political opposition parties they back in Thailand picked children and young adults as their target audience specifically because of how little they understand these subjects, how poorly they are informed regarding US abuses worldwide, and how unlikely it is that they will ask these sort of questions.
For Thailand – it is time to treat the protests like the form of hybrid warfare it really is and ask its allies for aid in resolving them as quickly and with as little chaos as possible both to preserve the lives, peace, and prosperity of the vast majority of the population not joining the mobs – and also to preserve the lives, peace, and prosperity of those unwittingly sucked in and used by the opposition and their expertly crafted, practiced, and well-funded propaganda.

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