Thailand: US-funded “Free Speech” Mobs Smash Tourist for Using Free Speech

“All animals are equal but some are more equal than others…”

US-funded “pro-democracy” mobs championing “free speech” have targeted a tourists, smashing him in the face simply for disagreeing with them during one of their street protests.

I explain why the inhumanity, hypocrisy, and damage this one single incident has done is already too much and why these mobs need to be brought under control.

For respect of the man and his family I will not include the video in mine, but the link is below. Viewer discretion advised.


VIDEO: “free speech” “pro-democracy” mob smashes tourist for using free speech in Pattaya, November 8, 2020:

One thought on “Thailand: US-funded “Free Speech” Mobs Smash Tourist for Using Free Speech

  • Christopher Stegman

    It doesn’t look like a ‘mob’. It looks like someone was super pissed off at the foreign tourist who was saying something he didn’t like to hear. What was being said is unclear to those not fluent in Thai. Nothing compared to the cement placed in hollowed out murdered Thai’s protest leaders stomach’s or others disappeared and never heard from again. The Monarchy and the military are the murderers. A head butt is just that.


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