SDPCW#10 – The ‘New Middle East’ wars 2/2

The ‘New Middle East’ wars, 2/2 Tenth presentation in the lecture series: ‘Self Determination in the Post Colonial World’, by Dr Tim Anderson, 2021.

We will keep posting these online videos (over the next 2 or 3 months) until there is a full set for the complete unit of study, which can be freely read, without assessment. It is up to an associated university to take it up as a unit of study, adding assessed tasks and allowing it to count for a credit towards degree studies.

Set readings:

Week Ten
Anderson, Tim (2019) Axis of Resistance: towards an independent Middle East, Clarity Press, Atlanta, pp.11-18

Cook, Steven A. (2020) ‘Why the Middle East still matters to America’, Foreign Affairs, Nov/Dec, online:

Whitney, Mike (2016) ‘The Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives Up on Empire’, Counter Punch, 25 August, online:

The Readings and course materials are being posted at this site:

SDPCW#1 – Overview: Self Determination in the Post Colonial World

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