Scott Ritter – Russian Retreat, What’s it Mean?

Scott Ritter – Russian Retreat, What’s it Mean?

One thought on “Scott Ritter – Russian Retreat, What’s it Mean?

  • Elizabeth Anne Hall

    According to a Twitter reply from Andrew Victor the West Bank of the Dneiper River is higher than the East Bank, which is also open steppes. This would not give the Russian artillery the advantage but the Ukrainian forces. He sent a map to prove his point but I couldn’t paste it. Please would you also discuss continuing the Ukrainian war or ending it in light of the USG making announcements that this war was a warmup for the war against China. Is the USG ending this war because people can’t afford 2 wars very expensive wars simultaneously or is it passing the Ukrainian war to the UKG & Europeans as it waged war against China? Also wouldn’t China & Russia be coordinating on this, ie each has its own war but strategically it makes sense to plan together as well. They have a very close relationship to work together on the same enemy/enemies. How would a war waged against China play out with the people and economies in the UK and Europe?


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