US Sending Moth-balled Gear to Ukraine as Russian Reinforcements Continue to Gather

Update on Russian military operations in and around Ukraine for November 5, 2022

– US assistance to Ukraine increasingly depends on “refurbishing” antiquated weapons kept in storage as current inventories of weapons run low;

– Russian tanks continue to roll out of factories while those in storage are also being upgraded and deployed; – British state media admits Ukraine faces difficulties in taking Kherson city;

– Russian forces continue preparing for protracted combat while Ukraine races against the clock in terms of energy, economics, and material support for combat operations


US DoD – $400 Million in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine (November 4, 2022):…

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Dmitry Medvedev (Telegram) – Uralvagonzavod visit:

Defense Blog – Syrian Army receives the upgraded T-62M main battle tanks from Russia:…

Michael Kofman on Russian T-62s being brought out of storage:…

Military Watch Magazine – Building a Mechanised Corps for the Donbas: Why Russia is Modernising its T-62 Tanks For Re-Commissioning:…

BBC – Russia-Ukraine war: At the front line of Ukraine’s struggle for Kherson:…

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    pls put a twitter share link your videos and if your telegram videos are different how about postimg them here because we need high speed internet to view Telegram and us guys on satellite don’t have that service
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